Vehicle rental contract - what is it about?

Updated on
February 1, 2023

Vehicle rental contract is a legal way to reduce your taxes for working with gig apps.

It works like this: you, our contract of mandate employee, rent your car to us, and then we, as Appjobs, provide it to you for work.

IMPORTANT: the vehicle is still yours, you drive it as usual, we do not have access to it. It is only a legal formality.

What's all this for? The rental contract is taxed lower than the contract of mandate: 8.5% instead of 12%. We, as a partner, then settle part of the taxes for your work on the basis of a rental agreement with a lower rate - which means that we can pay you more money.

Let's assume that you've earned 1000 zł gross on apps, you're not a student and you're paying all ZUS taxes (social insurances):

  1. Contract of mandate: after deducting all ZUS and income tax, 702 zł stays in your pocket,
  2. Contract of mandate + vehicle rental contract (20% of income from contract of mandate, 80% from vehicle rental): after deducting all ZUS and taxes, 872 zł stays in your pocket (140 zł from contract of mandate & 732 zł from rental agreement).

So, the difference is significant: 170 zł!


The rental agreement is financially beneficial, but it generates an obligation on your side to pay a part of the taxes yourself. Rental income is treated as a different category than income from work, so we can't settle this tax for you.

However, we can calculate the amount you should pay to the tax office - so all it takes for you is to pay that amount to the tax office once a month, on the so-called tax micro-account.


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