New rules for Glovo settlements (11.12.2023)

Updated on
December 11, 2023

❗ Starting from 11.12.2023, all new Glovo couriers over 26 years of age, who wish to start working with Appjobs as their partner based on a contract of mandate, will be required to sign a new contract with our partner Erneo.

➡️ For now existing Glovo workers do not get affected by this.

What is Erneo, and why does this change happen?

Erneo is a fleet partner that offers higher vehicle rental prices than Appjobs. Higher price for renting your vehicle means lower taxes, which makes more money staying in your pocket. We understand that it’s a very important thing for most of you, so we’ve decided to enable such an opportunity.

➡️ If you’re a student below 26 years of age, or work with us based on a B2B contract, vehicle rental agreement will not provide any financial benefits for you - in fact, it will even make you pay additional rental tax, so you MUSTN’T DO ANYTHING!

What’s the financial difference?

Erneo charges slightly higher fees than Appjobs, but your net earnings will increase anyway because they offer a higher rental price for your vehicle, which will reduce your taxes significantly.

Here’s an example of a weekly settlement of 2000 zł income on Glovo app for a bike courier, who rents the bike to Appjobs or Erneo:

Appjobs Work Erneo
Income (your earnings on Glovo) 2000 zł 2000 zł
Partner fee (weekly) - 14 zł - 39 zł
Income tax & ZUS (social insurances) -712,21 zł - 96,96 zł
Vehicle rental contract tax (paid by the worker himself) -17,28 zł - 148,75 zł
Your net earnings 1256,51 zł 1715,29 zł
Difference: + 458,78 zł

Is there anything extra I have to do?

No - just follow the instructions in Appjobs Work app while signing a contract and that’s it!