How is rental pay determined by Appjobs?

When you work with various apps, you can rent your vehicle to us at Appjobs, as long as we don't provide one for you and you're not a student under 26. In these instances, we offer an hourly rental fee based on market rates, calculated using our algorithm.

To determine rental pay, we consider the hours you use the vehicle. We estimate these hours by comparing your earnings to the average earnings of other couriers and drivers in the market. The total calculated hours are then multiplied by the appropriate hourly rate for your vehicle type (see table below).

After calculating the rental pay, this amount is deducted from your total earnings and transferred to you separately.

Here's an example:

Adam earns 1000zl net with Wolt and has a rental agreement with us at Appjobs for his car. In Adam's city, our algorithm calculates the average net courier earnings as 25zl. Thus, the estimated hours Adam used his rented car is 1000 / 25 = 40 hours.

We pay 10zl per hour for renting a delivery car, so the total rental pay is 40 hours * 10zl = 400zl. The amount we use to calculate taxes for Adam is 1000zl - 400zl rental pay = 600zl.

The table below demonstrates rental pay for Adam with different vehicle types, using the same example.