These Terms of Service govern your use of the Appjobs Work service provided by Appjobs Sweden AB.

Appjobs Work is a mobile application intended for freelancers, gig workers or anyone who uses online platforms or mobile applications to do gig jobs, contractual work or bargain assignments by means of such platforms or applications.

Earning statistics

Unlike the more traditional form of employment, where all employment-related information is handled within the frame of a single employment contract or a single employer-employee relationship, information on your income raised through Platforms may come from a variety of sources.

It can therefore be challenging for you to obtain summarized and up-to-date income information or statistics related to your work performance. Such information can be valuable for you to track your earnings raised through different Platforms or to measure the distance you drive.

The purpose of Appjobs Work is to collect and display information from the Platforms you work with, in order to summarize such information and provide you with aggregated data and statistics on your overall and individual gig or freelance activity, earnings, base pay and tips, as well as mileage you drive - all in one place.

Information on job offers and Quests

In addition to data aggregation services, Appjobs Work may also provide you with job offers from different Platforms, inform you about facts that help you make informed decisions about your work such as providing you with recommendations of where and when to work or which platform is currently the most beneficial to use or timely information about upcoming weather conditions and prediction of passenger volumes, enable your participation in the Quests (as defined in the Terms of Service) and promote carefully selected and relevant products that help you optimize and advance your platform work.

Benefits for Gig Workers

If you are a Gig Worker, you will be able to benefit from dedicated features or benefits available to Gig Workers only – these may include special Quests, products in the Shop, or services related to the management of your income earned by providing transportation services as a Gig Worker.


1.1. Appjobs / we / us / our  - Appjobs Sweden AB, a company formed in Sweden, with its registered office at Kivra: 559098-4711, 106 31 Stockholm/Sweden, EU VAT NR SE559098471101;

1.2. User / you / your - user of Appjobs Work, any natural person having full legal capacity to commit to these Terms of Service or corporate entity engaged in business activities;

1.3. Gig Workers - Users who (i) have entered into a contract for the provision of transportation services with Appjobs Fleet sp. z o.o., i.e. a subsidiary of Appjobs, (ii) have taken, in accordance with Appjobs guidelines, the additional steps necessary to activate a Gig Worker account with Appjobs Work, such as, in particular, providing the relevant documents, (iii) have an active Gig Worker account with Appjobs Work;

1.4. Appjobs Work - web and mobile application owned and operated by Appjobs that enables collecting and aggregating various information about Users from the Platforms they are registered to, and providing the information to the Users as well as transferring the information to Platforms upon the Users’ prior consent. Appjobs Work is standalone web and mobile application;

1.5. My Rides - a feature of Appjobs Work that allows Users measure the distance they drive or track other other statistics and parameters of the drive, such as an average driving cost;

1.6. Quest - a call to participate and compete in a contest for a certain award. Contest terms and the type of award will be defined by Appjobs and provided to you via Appjobs Work app;

1.7. Coins - virtual points, which can be used only in the Shop section of the Appjobs Work app. You can earn Coins by participating in the Quests or by performing other activities as specified in the Appjobs Work app. You can exchange your Coins for certain Gifts defined by Appjobs in accordance with the provisions of this Terms of Service;

1.8. Gift - a special ID card in an electronic form, saved on your Appjobs Work account, enabling the receipt of the prize in accordance with the provisions of this this Terms of Service;

1.9. Shop / Shop section - functionality of Appjobs Work which allows you to redeem (exchange) your Coins for Gifts. Shop is accessible from the main screen of the Appjobs Work and contains a list of Gifts and its Coins price;  

1.10. Leaderboard - a feature of the Appjobs Work app that allows the comparison of a User's performance - such as the amount of income  earned from Platforms or the number of deliveries/rides - with that of other Users;

1.11. Earning Analytics - a feature of the Appjobs Work app that allows you to receive summaries and statistics about your income, based on information obtained through Platforms linked to your Appjobs Work account;

1.12. Earnings Goal - a feature of the Appjobs Work app that allows the User to set a goal for the amount of income earned through various Platforms and track their progress toward that goal;

1.13. Platforms - gig-job platforms, HR and payroll management tools, online sales portals, or basically any other kind of tool, website, application or platform that collects or keeps information about your income or work performance;

1.14. Recommended Person - a person interested in using Appjobs Work to whom the User provides their unique referral link;

1.15. Referral Program - Appjobs Work's referral program, the rules of which are set out in these Terms and Conditions;

1.16. Services - all services provided electronically by AppJobs to the Users on the basis of these Terms of Service;

1.17. Personal data - any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"), such as your name, address, telephone number, or email address.


2.1. Access to the Appjobs Work and other Services by the User is free of charge.

2.2. We provide the Appjobs Work and the Services in accordance with the Terms of Service. Our role is limited to the supply of the Appjobs Work. You therefore acknowledge and accept that access to Appjobs Work is supplied on a personal basis and we will not under any circumstances intervene in your relations with the Platform.

2.3. You agree to comply with these Terms of Service while using Appjobs Work as well as with all applicable laws and regulations and not to infringe the rights of third-parties or public order.

2.4. You guarantee to indemnify us against all complaints, claims, legal suits and/or actions of whatever nature that may arise following a failure, on your part, in any of your obligations arising under these Terms of Service. You agree to pay us all fees, costs and/or penalties that may be ordered to pay as a result of such actions.

2.5. You are prohibited from using the Appjobs Work in a manner that interferes with its operation or in a manner that is disruptive to Appjobs Work and other Users.

2.6. If you fail to comply with any of the provisions of these Terms of Service, or break any laws or regulations, we reserve the right to take all appropriate measures and namely:

     2.6.1. Suspend, remove or block your access to Appjobs Work,

     2.6.2. Provide any necessary information to the Platform;

     2.6.3. Remove any content associated with the failure or breach in question, in full or part,

     2.6.4. Start any legal proceedings,

     2.6.5. Alert the relevant authorities, cooperate with these and forward all useful information for detecting and eliminating                 illegal or unethical activities.

2.7. You are aware and accept that any failure to fulfill your obligations can, in addition to any other consequences defined above, result in the immediate closure of your account.

2.8. We provide you with technical assistance to report any issues encountered when using Appjobs Work. The technical assistance is accessible via online chat in Appjobs Work and via email at the following address: [email protected]

2.9. We reserve the right to offer you any other Services we may deem of use, in a form and based on the technical functionalities and resources we may deem best suited for the delivery of these Services.

2.10. Users of the Appjobs Work may access the Terms of Service at any time on the Appjobs Work at 


3.1. In order to use Appjobs Work, you have to download the mobile version of Appjobs Work app. Users register their Appjobs Work account by providing their phone number and verifying it. Verification of the phone number will be carried out by inserting the verification code received in the SMS into Appjobs Work. You accept these Terms of Service during the Appjobs Work registration process. This acceptance is by its nature absolute and cannot therefore be subject to any reservations. Any reservations would therefore revoke any acceptance. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Service, you cannot use Appjobs Work.

3.2. After registration you gain access to a list of Platforms with which you can connect the Appjobs Work. To get the most of Appjobs Work, you should find and choose Platform from the provided list by tapping on it. Afterwards you establish a link between Appjobs Work and the chosen Platform, by connecting this Platform via Appjobs Work user interface (tap the button Connect and log into the Platform through the provided form.

3.3. By logging to the Platform you authorize Appjobs Work to obtain information from it. At the same time Appjobs Work gains access to your financial, employment or other data originating from chosen Platform.

3.4. You can select the Platform you are connected with and disconnect it from Appjobs Work at any time via the Settings by selecting “Manage app connections”, choosing the Platform you wish to disconnect and then tapping “Revoke connection”.

3.5. In the event that your account is inactive, your unredeemed Coins may expire and your account may be closed under the following terms:

     3.5.1. after 6 months from the date of your last activity on your account your Coins become invalid and their whole balance               will be reset;

     3.5.2. after 12 months from the date of your last activity your account will be closed and deleted;

     3.5.3. after additional 3 months from the date of closing and deleting your account, your personal data linked to your                 account will be deleted.


4.1. Using the Earnings Analytics feature available in Appjobs Work, you can receive summaries and statistics about your income, based on information obtained through Platforms linked to your Appjobs Work account.

4.2. To use the Earnings Analytics feature, you must link your Appjobs Work account to at least one Platform.


5.1. Using the Leaderboard available on Appjobs Work, you can compare your results - such as the amount of income earned from Platforms or the number of deliveries/rides made - with those of other Users.

5.2. To use the Leaderboard, you need to sign up t via the dedicated tab of the Appjobs Work app, and select an avatar and nickname under which your score will be presented in the Leaderboard. For the avoidance of doubt - if you sign up for the Leaderboard, your score, nickname and avatar will be visible to other Users signed up for the Leaderboard, but no other data associated with your User account will be visible to them.

5.3. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from participating in the Leaderboard at any time.

5.4. Using the Earnings Goal feature available in Appjobs Work, you can set a goal for the amount of income earned through various Platforms and track your progress toward that goal.

5.5. To use the Earnings Goal feature, you need to activate the Earnings Goal feature using the dedicated button in Appjobs Work and set the amount of earnings you want to achieve within a certain period of time.

5.6. You can activate or deactivate the Earnings Goal feature at any time.


6.1. In Appjobs Work you can measure the distance you drive or track other statistics and parameters of the drive, such as average driving cost based on average fuel price by use of My Shifts feature.

6.2. In order to track your mileage via My Shifts feature, Appjobs Work needs access to your device's location and physical activity allowed for all the time. This is necessary to count your distance covered, even when Appjobs Work is minimized (working in the background) or when your device is blocked (inactive).

6.3. You can activate and deactivate My Shifts tracking at any time. Appjobs Work will ask you for location and physical activity tracking permissions the first time you turn on the feature. Appjobs Work will track your location and physical activity data only when My Shifts feature is on and permissions are given.

6.4. If you activate the My Shifts feature, Appjobs Work will gather data about your location and physical activity. Detailed information about Appjobs processing your personal data can be found in the Appjobs Work Privacy Policy.


7.1. If you wish to participate in Quests and complete its goals you may be awarded with Coins.

7.2. You may obtain Coins after completing a Quest only if you participated and completed the Quest goal by yourself and have an active account in Appjobs Work. Completing a Quest goal is possible by tracking an equal or greater amount of earnings, number of tasks or any other parameter that defines the goal within the duration of the Quest. Some Quests may filter gigs that are done only on specific times of the day or with specific Platforms. Some Quests may be available for Gig Workers only.

7.3. To record earnings or other parameters in a Quest, you must connect your Platform account(s) with Appjobs Work.

7.4. Some Quests cannot be joined simultaneously. In such cases, you will be notified upon choosing the Quest by an error message.

7.5. Some Quests have multiple goal choices. You may only select and work towards one Quest goal at a time.

7.6. You may switch Quest goals or quit any Quest at any time, but if you choose to do so you will lose all progress you made with the previous Quest goal or Quest itself.

7.7. Your work data from the Platform(s) you connected with Appjobs Work may take up to 24 hours to sync but all your data during the duration of the Quest will be counted even if there is a delay for syncing the data.

7.8. Creating multiple accounts and using the same gig Platform account by more than one User to double-track work and creating unfair and dishonest advantage is not accepted and is considered a breach to this entire agreement.

7.9. You can exchange (redeem)  up to 10 000 Coins for Gifts per  calendar month.

7.10. Coins are credited to your account automatically after successfully completing the Quest goal. Your Coins balance is available in the Appjobs Work and it updates automatically when the Appjobs Work is connected to the Internet. Completion of a Quest goal may be confirmed by a push notice (if you allow the possibility of receiving push notices on your mobile device).

7.11. We have the right to verify the validity of the Quest goal completion and assigned Coins. If we determine that Coins have been earned improperly or in violation of this Terms of Service, we have the right to deduct the undue Coins from your account. We will notify you about the deduction of Coins and the reason for such deduction by e-mail or push notification (if you allow the possibility of receiving push notices on your mobile device).

7.12. We may award Coins from time to time for activities other than Quests and we may apply specific Coins terms. Information on such specific terms for earning Coins will be communicated via the Appjobs Work or in separate terms.

7.13. We may carry out periodic Coins promotions. Information about Coins promotions will be communicated via the Application or in separate terms.


8.1. You can order Gifts in exchange for Coins. The list of Gifts which can be exchanged for Coins is available in the Shop section available in Appjobs Work. The Shop includes Gifts of various types. Appjobs reserves the right to change the list of Gifts and their suppliers at any time and for any reason.  Some Gifts may only be available during the specified period of time or until stocks last. Such information is available in Appjobs Work before exchanging the Coins for Gift. Some of the Gifts may be available for Gigs Workers only.

8.2. The Shop is made available to meet your needs and expectations. Therefore, individual Gifts may be available to all Users, groups of Users (e.g. residing in a given city) or individually to specific User. Gifts will be matched to the Users based on the data held by Appjobs.

8.3. The exchanged (purchased) Gift will be delivered to you (i) by displaying the Gift in the Appjobs Work app, (ii) on User’s demand, via dedicated tab in Appjobs Work –  electronically via email to the email address of your Appjobs account that you created while you signed up with Appjobs Work.

8.4. After exchanging (purchasing) Gift in the Appjobs Work, you will receive your Gift via e-mail as a coupon, voucher or code, which may have to be used or redeemed via indicated third party service provider website or service.

8.5. You can exchange (purchase) more than one Gift at a time - depending on the number of Coins which you possess.

8.6. Gifts may come with a validity period. You are aware that you have to use the Gift before this period passes. Unused Gift cannot be redeemed and after the validity period passes - will be forfeited. Information about the validity of the Gift is available in the email you receive with your Gift. In each case, the validity of Gift is counted from the moment of the exchange for Coins.

8.7. You cannot cancel an ordered Gift -  it is not possible to return the Gift.

8.8. Appjobs may, for important reasons such as unavailability of services or goods which may be exchanged for Gift, deactivate all or selected Gifts, while restoring the Coins used to exchange for those Gifts.


9.1. To register with Appjobs Work a Gig Worker, you must:

       9.1.1. if you have entered into a contract for the provision of transportation services with Appjobs Fleet sp. z o.o - provide                 your data in the registration form, and if you have not entered into a contract for the provision of transportation                 services with Appjobs Fleet sp. z o.o  - provide your data in the registration form and then accept the contract for the                 provision of transportation services; and

       9.1.2. take, according to the guidelines provided by Appjobs,  the additional steps necessary to activate your Appjobs Gig                  Worker account with Appjobs Work, such as, in particular, providing the relevant documents.

9.2. Each Gig Worker can manage their account through a dedicated Fleet tab, which includes, in particular, the following features:

      9.2.1. access to data on income earned by providing transportation services as a Gig Worker;

      9.2.2. storage and settlement of accounting documents related to the provision of transportation services as a Gig Worker.


10.1. The aim of the Referral Program is to support Appjobs Fleet sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of Appjobs, in the recruitment of new Appjobs Gig Workers.

10.2. Only Users may recommend Recommended Persons in the Referral Program.

10.3. User joins the Referral Program at the time when: (i) User generates a unique referral link associated with that User in the Appjobs Work app; and (ii) User makes the link referred to in section 10.3(i) available to the Recommended Person.

10.4. The User may send the link referred to in section 10.3(i) to an unlimited number of Recommended Persons.

10.5. A Recommended Person cannot be a User of Appjobs Work app, an Appjobs Gig Worker or a person who has previously entered into a transport service agreement with Appjobs Fleet sp. z o.o., i.e. a subsidiary of Appjobs.

10.6. Each application to the Referral Program must meet all the conditions set forth in this section 10 of Terms of Service. Appjobs Work has the right to refuse applications that do not meet the above conditions.

10.7. 500 Coins will be credited both to the recommending User’s and Recommended person’s account in Appjobs Work as a part of the Referral Program if: (i) the Recommended Person registers in Appjobs Work app using the link referred to in section 10.3(i); and (ii) the Recommended Person fulfils all the conditions required to become an Appjobs Gig Worker within the meaning of section 1.3 of these Terms of Service, including the conclusion of a transport service agreement with Appjobs Fleet sp. z o.o., i.e. a subsidiary of Appjobs; and (iii) the Recommended Person links their Appjobs Work account to at least one Platform and completes at least one order via any Platform linked with their Appjobs Work account; and (iv) the Recommended Person receives the first payment for the provision of services under the agreement referred to in section 10.7(ii) above.

10.8. The Coins referred to in section 10.7 will be credited to the User’s account automatically, without delay, but no later than 3 days after the conditions set forth in the aforementioned section is met.

10.9. The Recommended Person is entitled to receive the Coins referred to in section 10.7 only once.

10.10. If the same Recommended Person receives links referred to in section 10.3(i) from more than one User, the only User entitled to receive the prize of Coins is the one who generated the link, which Recommended Person used to register in Appjobs Work.

10.11. Coins received under the Referral Program may be exchanged for Gifts in accordance with the rules set forth in section 8 of these Terms of Service. Coins received under the Referral Program cannot be exchanged for rewards other than Gifts, in particular, they cannot be exchanged for cash.

10.12. Appjobs reserves the right to cancel the reward of Coins for participation in the Referral Program and to close the User's account in the event of: (i) violations of the Appjobs Work Terms of Service or these Terms and Conditions; (ii) attempts to create several User accounts or to create accounts with different personal data by the User or by other persons acting in concert with the User; (iii) use by the User or a Recommended person of personal data which does not belong to them or use by the User or a Recommended person of identity documents which do not belong to them; (iv) use by the User of any practices of prize fraud nature.

10.13. The Referral Program is valid from the effective date of this version of the Terms of Service until further notice.


11.1. For a valid reason, which is a reasonable suspicion that you have violate this Terms of Service or the law, which may affected awarding of Coins or other benefits, or due to the fact that you made an untrue declaration related to the registration or the use of Appjobs Work (in particular, you are not over 16 or you have provided us with fake data, or connected with someone else's Platform account, or used the same Platform account in multiple Appjobs Work accounts for unfair advantage), we may delete or block your account in Appjobs Work.

11.2. We will notify you about the blocking or deleting of your Appjobs Work account and its reasons via message in the Appjobs Work, push notification or via e-mail.

11.3. Your Appjobs Work account will be blocked for the time necessary to examine the situation, but not longer than 30 (thirty) days. In particularly complex cases, this period may be extended, but not longer than 60 (sixty) days.

11.4. While your account is blocked, you cannot use Appjobs Work, order Gifts or use Coins in any way. During this time you will not be awarded with any Coins and you cannot participate in any Quest.

11.5. As a result of blocking or deleting your account, we may cancel your active Coins or Gifts assigned to you.

11.6. After clarifying the matter we may, depending on the findings made as a result of the investigation:

      11.6.1. unblock your account and, in the event that the suspicion of violation of the this Terms of Service or the law turned                 out to be unjustified, as compensation for blocking the account, award additional Coins to you;

      11.6.2. unblock your account with the information that another violation of the Terms of Service or the law may result in                 immediate deletion of your account. If the investigation shows that as a result of your actions, undue Coins or other                 benefits were admitted to you, we will deduct such undue Coins or benefits;

      11.6.3. exclude you from all future Quests informing you about the reason. Such exclusion may be effective immediately. If                  the investigation shows that as a result of your actions, undue Coins or other benefits were admitted to you, we will                  deduct such undue Coins or benefits.


12.1. Any complaints related to the Appjobs Work, your work data from connected Platform(s), Coins, Gifts, the functioning of the Appjobs Work or account blockade or deletion, may be reported to us via e-mail to the e-mail address: [email protected].

12.2. We will strive to respond to your complaint by e-mail immediately, no later than within 30 (thirty) days from its receipt, unless a mandatory provision of law provides for a shorter time limit for responding to your complaint.

12.3. Complaints are considered on the basis of the provisions of the Regulations and the provisions of law generally applicable in Sweden.

12.4. If the Gift entitles you to receive a prize in the form of goods or services from a third party we shall be liable for the validity of the Gift by this third party. At the same time, any complaints regarding goods or services from a third party, should be reported directly to this third party. The third party is responsible for the quality of goods or services purchased with the use of a Gift. If a third party, against its obligation, refuses to redeem a valid Gift, you may submit a complaint to us via e-mail as stated in point 12.1.

12.5. You may submit complaints related to the blockade or deletion of your Appjobs Work account no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the notification of Appjobs Work account blockade or deletion. While the complaint is being processed, your account will be blocked (in this respect, the provisions of point 11 of this Terms of Service will apply).


13.1. If allowed us to receive push notifications on your device, we may send you messages related to the Appjobs Work or Quests, new offers, services and promotions. Messages will be sent via system push notifications (if you allow them to be received on your device), SMS or e-mail.

13.2. We may also provide you with messages sent by the Platforms via the Appjobs Work.


14.1. Use of Appjobs Work is not subject to any time limit. You may delete your Appjobs Work account at any time, without giving any reason.

14.2. The agreement for the provision of Services constituted by these Terms of Service may be terminated by either party at any time.

14.3. You can terminate these Terms of Service by contacting us via email [email protected] and deleting Appjobs Work application from your device.

14.4. We have the right to terminate the agreement at any time by ceasing to provide the Appjobs Work.


15.1. Appjobs Work is provided without any explicit or implicit guarantee. We do not in particular guarantee you that (i) Appjobs Work, due to continuous improvements, in particular in terms of its features, will be completely free of errors, faults or defects, nor that (ii) the Appjobs Work will be a perfect match for your needs and expectations.

15.2. Appjobs and you are obliged to redress the damage suffered by the other party as a result of non-performance or improper performance of their obligations under these Terms of Service, unless their non-performance or undue performance was caused by circumstances for which they are not responsible, in particular as a result of force majeure.

15.3. Appjobs shall not be liable in case it received official notification or reliable information about the unlawful nature of the data used by Users and prevented access to such data or information. Appjobs Work is not liable to Users for the damage resulting from such unlawful nature of the data.

15.4. Appjobs shall not be liable to Users for any damages arising from the discontinuation of the use of Appjobs Work.

15.5. Appjobs shall also not be liable for:

       15.5.1. any damage caused to third parties as a result of the use of the Appjobs Work by Users in contrary to the Terms of                   Service or the law;

      15.5.2. content made available by Users as a result of using the Appjobs Work, which violates the law or third parties’ rights;

      15.5.3. loss of Users’ data caused by external factors (e.g. equipment failure) or other circumstances beyond Appjobs                   control (actions of third parties), including those caused by Users,

      15.5.4. damages resulting from lack of continuous provision of Appjobs Work, which are the consequence of                    circumstances for which Appjobs is not responsible (force majeure, acts and omissions of third parties, etc.),

      15.5.5. Users providing false, outdated or incomplete data or information,

      15.5.6. non-observance of the Terms of Service by Users.

15.6. We cannot under any circumstances be held liable for the technical availability of services operated by third parties (including the Platforms) that you access by using the Appjobs Work.

15.7. We accept no liability for the contents, advertising, products and/or services available on Platforms as these are governed by their own terms of use.

15.8. We are also not liable with regard to any transactions between you and any advertiser, service provider or trader (including any of its partners) that you may be directed to through Appjobs Work and we will not under any circumstances be a party in any litigation with these third-parties relating for instance to the purchase of products and/or services, warrantees, declarations and any other obligations of any sort to which these third-parties are bound.

15.9. The only liability that could be incurred by Appjobs with regard to the Appjobs Work or any other Services is expressly limited to direct damage suffered by you.


16.1. The rules of processing of the Users’ personal data by Appjobs Work are specified in the Privacy Policy available at

16.2. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Service.


17.1. You can contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

17.2. You can also contact us at our physical address: Kivra: 559098-4711, 106 31 Stockholm, Sweden.


18.1. We may amend these Terms of Service only for important reasons, i.e. in case of:

       18.1.1. change of law, which forces an update of the content of the Terms of Service;

       18.1.2. change in the functionality of the Appjobs Work, which affects the content of the Terms of Service.

18.2. Appjobs informs you of the changes to the Terms of Service in a clear and explicit manner via Appjobs Work or your e-mail.

18.3. If you do not accept the changes introduced in the Terms of Service, you have the right to cancel/delete your account.


19.1. We use third party services in order to provide you with the best quality of Appjobs Work services. By accepting this Terms of service, additional terms and conditions may apply to you, especially if you connect your Platform account with Appjobs Work.  

19.2. The third party service we use is Unveel service, which is provided by us. More information on Terms of Service can be found here:, and Privacy Policy can be found here:  


20.1. These Terms of Service shall be effective as of 23.11.2022.

20.2. These Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of Sweden.

20.3. The software, graphic user interface, databases and contents of all types used by Appjobs are protected by all applicable rights protecting intellectual property and database owners. Any disassembly, decompiling, decryption, extraction, reuse, copy and in general any reproduction, representation, distribution and use of any nature of these elements, in whole or part, without the prior authorization of Appjobs, are strictly prohibited and may be the subject of legal proceedings.

20.4. Any disputes related to the provision of Services under the Terms of Service shall be resolved by the Swedish courts.