Get that extra effort
from your workers
when it matters most.

Get that extra effort from your workers when it matters most.

Increase the number of delivered tasks by up to 30%

Motivate your workers with a branded incentive system so they perform better.
your workers to deliver more tasks when demand is high.
Build loyalty
by rewarding extra activities of your workers.
new workers by offering them entry bonuses.

Ready to set anytime

Easy setup
No tech integration if you sponsor your quests in Appjobs Work or just embed a button in your own app and you are live!
Fully automated
No operational hassle, full human support. Set your budget and leave the rest to Appjobs Work.
Tailor made to fit your exact needs
Define your budget and success parameters, target the desired locations and start your sponsored quests the same day. Stop anytime, no hassle!
Wolt Logo
Kamil Czarnecki
Head of Operations, Wolt Poland
“Appjobs Work was the right option when we wanted a quick solution to improve our courier partners’ satisfaction and welfare and allow them to benefit from going the extra mile when demand was high.”

We are as flexible as gig workers who use our app

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