FREE NOW - wages in Poland 2023

How much does a Free Now driver earn? What are the Free Now wages in different voivodeships? Where are the Free Now rates the highest? Check below!
Last update: 23 August 2023
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Find out how much a FREE NOW driver earns and what rates they can expect in each voivodeship. Last update: 23 August 2023.

From this article you will learn:

  • What are the average earnings of FREE NOW drivers in Poland
  • How much can you earn in FREE NOW in Poland
  • What rates FREE NOW offers per hour and per journey
  • Why FREE NOW earnings with Appjobs Work as a partner will be even higher

How much does FREE NOW driver earn in 2023? Summary

The average earnings in FREE NOW in Poland are 31,72 PLN gross per hour and 17,50 PLN gross per trip. Assuming you work 40 hours a week, this brings your earnings to between 5,000 and 8,000 PLN per month.

 We have mapped the rates in FREE NOW for each voivodeship on the interactive maps you will find below. Earnings will change over time, so we will update this article regularly. We encourage you to save it for later!

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FREE NOW - earnings. Guaranteed rate per trip

It's worth knowing that the minimum payout for a single trip at FREE NOW is 10 PLN gross. In order to gain better rates per journey, drivers can opt to have their cars stickered with the company's logo, as well as agree to transport animals during registration. 

Two details that could affect your FREE NOW earnings

Like Uber and Bolt, FREE NOW also takes its commission from the driver for each ride, but in this case it's lower - earnings in FREE NOW include a 24.6% commission, compared to 30.75% on the two other apps mentioned above. This means that the more you drive, the more beneficial FREE NOW will be for you, as you will 'save' on commission for the platform for each journey.

Your earnings in FREE NOW will also be higher if, during registration, you agree to transport animals. Such rides are paid extra.

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FREE NOW — average earnings in Poland in 2023

If you're looking to take a job at FREE NOW, total earnings are certainly the issue you're most interested in. We have checked what the rates at FREE NOW look like in different parts of Poland - both per hour worked and per single journey. We gathered data from 53 drivers from 10 voivodeships.

Our interactive charts will be updated regularly as the rates in FREE NOW change over time. Take a look at the article from time to time if you are curious about how much a driver can earn at a given time.

How much does FREE NOW driver earn per hour?

The earnings of a FREE NOW driver per hour are on average 31,72 PLN gross. This amount includes all kinds of bonuses and extras.

It turns out that drivers from the Małopolskie Voivodeship earn the most - as much as 50,70 PLN gross per hour! Earnings in FREE NOW in other regions are as follows:
  • Pomorskie — 41,63 PLN
  • Mazowieckie — 39,34 PLN
  • Dolnośląskie — 35,54 PLN
  • Łódzkie — 32,40 PLN
  • Wielkopolskie — 25,50 PLN
  • Kujawsko-pomorskie — 22,95 PLN
  • Śląskie — 22,83 PLN
  • Zachodniopomorskie — 22,01 PLN
The least, 22,05 PLN gross per hour, is earned by FREE NOW drivers from the Podlaskie Voivodeship.
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FREE NOW driver — wages per single trip

Do you only plan to work from time to time? If so, check out FREE NOW's wages for a single journey.

The average rate per ride is 17,50 PLN gross. The highest pay per trip goes to drivers from the Pomeranian Voivodeship - 26,16 PLN.

How much can you earn in FREE NOW per ride in other voivodeships?

  • Dolnośląskie — 20, 45 PLN
  • Mazowieckie — 19,10 PLN
  • Kujawsko-pomorskie — 18,10 PLN
  • Małopolskie — 17,49 PLN
  • Śląskie — 16,40 PLN
  • Wielkopolskie — 15,30 PLN
  • Łódzkie — 15,23 PLN
  • Zachodniopomorskie — 14,42 PLN
However, the lowest wages in FREE NOW per trip are paid to drivers from the Podlaskie Voivodeship - 12,41 PLN per ride.

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The earnings of a FREE NOW driver vary from location to location. The payout will also depend on the mode of work and various bonuses. If you are interested in earnings at FREE NOW, save this article for later and check it out regularly. Our data will be updated continuously. And if you are at the stage of applying for a job as a FREE NOW driver, don't forget about the benefits that working with the Appjobs Work partner will bring you!

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