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Save yourself the hassle and focus on what really matters. Here’s how Appjobs Work will help you make the most earnings out of your work time.
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All your gig apps
in one place

Automatically track your gig work history. Compare data from different work apps and see which service earns you the most for your time:
See which app earns you the most per gig and per hour,
Compare base earnings, tips, and extra bonuses,
Check your full work history, up to the very 1st gig you’ve done.
Appjobs Work app. Work better with apps UberEats, Wolt, Glovo, Xpress Delivery

Compare your earnings with other workers

Ever thought about how your earnings stack up? Compare your performance with other gig workers in your area:
Compare total earnings, gigs done, average earnings per gig, and total hours online,
See which apps others are using and how they perform,
Check how you rank for your city, voivodeship, and the whole country.

Plan your earnings goals

Set how much you want to earn this month and automatically track your progress:
See how much you’ve earned so far, and how much is still left to reach the goal,
Compare your daily average earnings to how much you should be earning to reach your goal,
Get notified if your goal gets off target.

Get informed. Work smarter. Earn more.

Download Appjobs Work for free:
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Track your mileage and fuel consumption

Note down your work shifts effortlessly. Track total duration, distance covered, fuel cost per kilometre and per gig. Start or stop tracking with just 1 click.
See how much you’re REALLY earnings after fuel expenses,
Export your data to PDF files,
Keep tracking even with your phone locked to save battery.

Note down your work expenses

Note down your work-related costs and check how they affect your net earnings:
Keep track of your fuel, repairs, rentals, partner fees, and other costs,
Filter by date and type,
Instantly compare your expenses with earnings to see how much net you’re making.

Count your net earnings
in advance

Provide Appjobs Work with data about your age, income sources etc. to get net earnings forecast instantly:
Automatically see your projected salary based on your earnings so far,
Know your net earnings before payday,
See how many social contributions and income tax you’ll have to pay.

Get extra incentives for your work

Participate in quests sponsored by the gig apps you’re working with:
Challenge yourself and get that extra motivation,
Earn coins for each completed quest,
Redeem your coins for gift cards of popular brands - soon including grocery stores & fuel vouchers!

Get informed. Work smarter. Earn more.

Download Appjobs Work for free:
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