We’re on a mission to build a better future for gig-workers.

Who we are?

We are a global tech company, established in 2017 and headquartered in Sweden and Poland, on a mission to create the best product suite for gig-workers in the world. 
We want to disrupt the market by bringing first of its kind, top-notch technology that is entirely focused on gig-workers and making their life easier and more secure. Our vision is to provide more transparency to gig-workers and reduce information asymmetry in the market.
Appjobs Work Team
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We know that as a gig-worker you have your own story that motivated you to pursue this full of freedom yet unpredictable work style.

We created the first gig-worker product suite whose single goal is to enhance the freedom that you like, reduce the disadvantages you experience every day and to help you feel fairly treated by society. Our mission is to help you make better decisions while you are working with apps.
“We’re on a mission to build a better future for gig-workers. A"better future” means more than just making ends meet. It’s about inspiring self-respect, belonging in society and reducing vulnerability on the individual worker level”.
Alok Alström, Appjobs CEO
previously General Manager for Sweden at UBER

More transparency, less uncertainty.

We perfectly know that you’re struggling with these types of challenges being a gig-worker:
  • It’s hard to know how much you are really earning, because gig-platforms report earnings in gross, before work related costs or deductions or taxes.
  • Additionally each app has their own payment cycle and calculation method.
  • Gig-platforms use powerful algorithms to optimize for business objectives, but that leaves many of gig-workers like you feeling “taken advantage off”, i.e. information asymmetry.
  • Forcing “employee” status on gig-workers by politicians, has only complicated your life plus this additional cost is reflected entirely on you.
  • Lack of access to safe credit systems and other financial benefits that traditional employees have always taken for granted.
Appjobs as a suite of products was created to fill exactly these gaps.
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How are we helping an individual
We are the only company in the world that has created a suite of digital products that are helping gig-workers to work better through apps along their whole gig-work journey.
To help this mission come into life, we started with building Appjobs.com in 2017. It quickly became famous online place for gig-work job seekers with coverage in over 500 cities across 40 different countries and in 12 languages.
In less than 4 years, Appjobs.com has connected over half a million of job seekers with apps and services like Uber, Airbnb, Doordash, Upwork, Lime and many more.
Today, year by year we are growing and adding new products, features, and services to fulfill our mission to make gig-workers life easier and more secure.
We are doing this by:
  • Our website Appjobs.com that matches workers and registering them to the right gig platforms (over 100 000 matches per month).
  • Offering them Appjobs Work first all-in-one gig-worker assistant app with Employer-On-Record services with the lowest commission on the market, loyalty programs, and many utility features that help gig-workers to work smarter and earn more.
  • Enabling, through our earnings and work data API, the easier access to services that traditional employees take for granted, such as affordable credits, insurance, loans etc.
Since 2017, we have been changing the gig-workers market for better.

Meet our team

Alok Alström
CEO, Co-founder
Bertan Baytekin
Chief Product Officer, Co-founder
Łukasz Chachurski
VP of Technology
Magdalena Haintze
Head Of Commercial
Oskar Rapalski
Fleet Operation Manager
Grzegorz Witucki
Marketing Communications Specialist
Adam Rosiak
Senior Frontend Engineer
Robert Oleś
Senior Frontend Engineer
Paulina Bryła
Product Designer
Jakub Plech
Frontend Data Tracking Manager
Zosia Szulc
Business Development Researcher
Rodrigo Viola
Senior Devops Engineer
Robert Matuszewski
Senior Backend Engineer
Michał Tyc
Senior Backend Engineer
Contact us.
Appjobs has physical offices in both Stockholm, Sweden and Katowice, Poland. However, the Appjobs team is from all over the world - we work remotely from different time zones.
Stenbocksgatan 3
114 30 Stockholm
Polish subsidiary
Warszawska 40 m. 2A
40-088 Katowice
NIP: 9542842071