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What is Lola Market?

Lola Market is an innovative app that allows customers to order groceries from Poland's best-known supermarkets and have them delivered within the maximum of 2 hours.
Lola Market differs from other apps in its flexibility and speed of deliveries.
๐Ÿ Plus, there are lots of benefits waiting for you from both us and Lola Market!
Lola Market Praca

Who are we looking for?

Lola Market is set to launch in Poland in early 2023. No recruitment is currently underway, but as soon as it opens, we'll be sure to let you know - and in the meantime, you can work with us on other apps!


For the position of courier, we are only looking for people with a car and a category B driving licence, as the orders may be too heavy to transport by bicycle or scooter.

Fluent Polish

You will need to be able to communicate fluently in Polish, as the nature of your work requires you to have contact with the customer as well as with other people involved in completing the order.

Good attitude

All Lola Market employees are smiley, friendly and helpful people. Both when packing and during every collection and delivery of the order, you represent the company in front of the Partner (shop) and the customer.
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Lola Market courier. Key responsibilities

Lola Market is a collaboration between a Picker, Shopper and Courier. What are their responsibilities?


This is the person who completes orders in our Partner's shop, e.g. at Biedronka.


This is the person who collects the purchases from the shop and then delivers them to the final customer's specified address.
NOTE: Orders are often heavy, so the person must have their own car to carry them.


This is the person who combines the functions of a Picker and a Courier. Such person goes to the designated shop, completes the order from the app and finally, delivers it to the final customer.
How does Lola Market work?
Lola Market Couriers work with Pickers to process customer orders:

Placing an order

The customer places an order in the app.

Picker or Shopper prepares the order

The Picker (or Shopper) receives the order and completes it in the shop.

Picker transfers the order to the Courier

Courier receives the request and collects the completed order from the Picker.

Delivery of the order

The Courier or Shopper delivers the order to the specified address. The app indicates the fastest route.
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Lola market - work. Frequently Asked Questions

Work at Lola Market - when is the app launching?


The launch is already scheduled for early 2023.

Work at Lola Market - how do I get started?


In Poland, Lola Market does not hire employees on its own - this is done by certified partners, who sign contracts with couriers and settle their wages. Appjobs Work is a Lola Market partner - what does this mean exactly?
- We have a signed cooperation agreement (we are a recommended Lola Market partner),
- We employ Lola Market couriers legally and with minimal paperwork, even on the same day as they apply,
- We pay your wages, according to the salary shown in the Lola Market courier app, we settle your taxes and take care of the contract administration

Work at Lola Market - how much can I earn?


Earnings at Lola Market are as follows:
Courier - 20 PLN guaranteed rate per hour or order,
- 20 PLN guaranteed rate per hour or 45 PLN per order,
Picker - 23 PLN guaranteed rate per hour.

โ—ย Lola Market Couriers do not prepare orders - they just pick them up when they are ready. Orders only drop in once they are complete, so you don't waste time waiting idly for a pick-up, meaning you can earn more!

Remember, too, that Appjobs Work offers additional bonuses for active employees: you collect coins for completed deliveries, which you later exchange for gift cards from well-known brands - including grocery shops and gas stations.

Work at Lola Market - when will I get paid?


At Lola Market, the courier gets paid once a week.
The earnings you see in the Lola app are sent to us, after which we calculate the taxes, deduct our (lowest on the market!) commission of 22 PLN for the billing and transfer the rest to your account. We make the transfers as soon as we receive the billing from Lola Market and the other platforms you work with.
In summary, your remuneration is transferred:
- To your account once a week,
- Latest by Wednesday,
- For the entire previous week.

Lola Market partner or sole proprietorship?


You don't have to be a sole trader to work at Lola Market. You just sign a contract of mandate with Appjobs Work and we take care of all your legal and tax formalities.

Why is Appjobs Work the perfect Lola Market partner?


  • Lowest commission on the market: only 22 PLN for billing of any number of apps!
    ย ย ย ย ๐Ÿ‘‰ Are you currently working with other apps? Switch to us and settle all of them for a total of 22 PLN - why pay extra for Lola Market when you can have it included in the price? ;)
  • Additional bonuses for active employees: collect coins for completed challenges and exchange them for gift cards of well-known brands including grocery shops and, in the future, also petrol stations
  • Free Appjobs Work assistant app:
    - Compare your earnings with hundreds of other people working through apps in Poland,
    - See which apps others are using and how many journeys they had to make to crank out their results,
    - Automatically collect data from all apps on your work history and earnings,
    - Make the most out of your time, e.g. work on apps that pay the most in your area,
    - ... and much more.

I want to work at Lola Market - what's next?


Download the Appjobs Work app and work on other apps today - as soon as Lola Market launches, we'll let you know!