Work as a Glovo courier

Are you looking for an additional source of income that will allow you to enjoy flexibility? If so, working at Glovo will be a great solution!

You don't need to be a sole trader
to work at Glovo. As your Glovo partner, we'll employ you legally and take care of accounting, while you just focus on your work. :)

Appjobs Work is:
➡️ Partner recommended by Glovo as trusted,
➡️ Only 14 PLN fee per billing of ALL the apps you use
Daily payMENTS - the only Glovo partner where you don't have to wait 1 week for your money!

Working as a Glovo courier is at your fingertips - it only takes three steps and 15 minutes to get started:

1. Download Appjobs Work and select a country in which you want to start working as a Glovo courier

Download our app, register and select your country. Next, click the ‘Work with us’ button

2. Select the Glovo courier app from the list and fill in the form 

Enter your details, upload the required documents and sign the contract in 15 minutes

3. Download the Glovo courier app and upload the signed Appjobs contract

That’s it! Wait for approval from Glovo courier and get started! 🚀
Start working as a Glovo courier. 
Download Appjobs Work for free:
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Glovo courier - work with us & get daily payouts!

Glovo is most often used for ordering food and groceries, but it can actually be an intermediary for delivering anything that fits into a courier's backpack. This one of the most popular delivery apps already operates in 650 cities in 22 European countries.

We are the only partner that offers daily payouts for Glovo couriers - free of charge and fully automatically! No need to wait a week for Glovo payout, just choose us as your Glovo partner and enjoy!

At Glovo, you complete assignments when it suits you: in the mornings or evenings, only on weekends or a few times a month. Or maybe you prefer to be a full-time Glovo courier? The choice is yours.
Interested in daily payouts? Write to us at [email protected] and ask for details!
Uber Eats praca kurier. Zacznij pracować z Appjobs Work

Glovo - work. How much can I earn?

We've investigated how much you can earn working as a Glovo courier - check out the interactive article from which you can find out how much a Glovo courier earns in Poland, by voivodeship. The report is updated on a regular basis.
  • A Glovo courier receives a base rate for each order, which can change depending on location. Earnings also depend on the kilometres driven: the bigger the distance covered, the more you will earn.
  • You will also receive extra money if you wait longer than 5 minutes to pick up your order at location or if there is a change of address after your order has been accepted.
  • Glovo couriers receive extra bonuses for working in the rain.

Glovo - work. What requirements do I have to meet?

The requirements for a future Glovo courier are not excessive. They include:

How old do I have to be to work at Glovo?

As with other apps, 18 is the minimum age to start working at Glovo.

Work at Glovo requires a smartphone with internet access

A Glovo courier accepts orders on a dedicated app. 

A Glovo courier can choose their preferred means of transport

Not necessarily a car: you can also get around by a motorbike, e-scooter or bicycle.

Glovo partner or sole proprietorship? 

A formal basis of employment is a must. Appjobs Work, as your Glovo partner, will enable you to work in Glovo without a sole proprietorship!
👉 Appjobs Work, as a recommended Glovo partner, will take care of all formalities related to your employment. So instead of stressing about taxes and dealing with the tax authorities, you can focus on earning and exploring your city in peace.

Work as a Glovo courier.

Download Appjobs Work, sign a contract in the app in 15 minutes and start earning!
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Become a Glovo courier - start working in 2-3 days!

Find out how to become a Glovo courier. We will guide you through the steps of registering as a new courier.

1. Download Appjobs Work and register

Create a courier account and select Poland as the country in which you want to work at Glovo.

2. Click on ‘Work with us’ and select the Glovo partner app from the list

Enter your details and upload required documents. The whole process won’t take you more than 15 minutes!

3. Sign and save the contract!

You will need it later. Once you have signed the agreement, we will check your documents and you can focus on the next steps - don't worry, we will give you further instructions!

4. Register as a Glovo courier

Create a Glovo courier account. Go to the page designed for new couriers and start the account registration process.

Once you have entered your initial information, you will receive an email confirming your sign-up. It's a good idea to keep your mailbox open for longer - new messages will appear at future stages of Glovo courier registration.

5. Complete the online training course for Glovo couriers

After creating your account, you will receive an email with a link to a training course that will prepare you for working at Glovo. Go through the training thoroughly and answer all the questions - remember, a passing score is a requirement to start working at Glovo as a courier!

Once you have successfully completed the training, a link will be sent to your email address, allowing you to complete the registration process. At this stage, you will be asked to fill in some details.

6. Select Appjobs as your Glovo partner and get your courier bag

Once you have completed your training to become a Glovo courier, you will receive another email - now it's time to choose your partner! Select Appjobs Work from the list, then upload the agreement you signed with us earlier. Your application should be accepted within max. 72 hours.

When this happens, you will receive a Glovo courier starter kit: a bag, a powerbank with USB cable, a bike holder and a rainproof case for your smartphone, as well as an Adyen card to pay for purchases that Glovo customers will order. You can pick up this kit in person at the Glovo office or receive it by post. Remember that you cannot opt out of it.

The value of the kit is 120 PLN. You will receive it for free, but Glovo will deduct the money from your paychecks during your first weeks of work, after which the kit will become your property. If you decide to stop working for Glovo, you can send the kit back and the money will be refunded to you.

That's it - you're good to go! 🚀

How to become a Glovo courier?

As soon as possible! Download Appjobs Work, sign a contract in 15 minutes and start working in just 2-3 days!
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Glovo - work. A few tips to get you started

Your first day working at Glovo may raise a lot of questions and doubts in you, but in reality it's not difficult!

Work at Glovo - hours and slots

Glovo couriers fulfil orders every day between 10 a.m. and 10.30 p.m. In some cities, Glovo offers a 24-hour service.

Remember that at Glovo you need to book your slots in advance - this way it is guaranteed that you will not run out of orders.

It's worth enabling automatic order acceptance - a Glovo courier with this setting has priority when it comes to assigning orders.

Earn more with Appjobs Work!

There are special challenges for Glovo couriers in our app - they let you collect coins, which you later exchange in the Appjobs shop for gift cards from well-known brands.

Highly recommended - it's extra money for the same work, and we're talking a couple of hundred a month!

Benefit from daily pay!

Appjobs is the only Glovo partner that offers daily payouts!

Only with us you don't have to wait as long as 1 week for your payday - you can receive your earned money from us every day.

Interested? Apply at [email protected]!

Glovo courier. Frequently Asked Questions

Work at Glovo - how do I become a Glovo courier?


To become a courier, download the Appjobs Work app, register and select Poland as your country. Next, click on the "Work with us" button. The application form will open - choose the Glovo courier app, fill in your details, upload the required documents and sign the contract.

Then open the Glovo page for couriers and apply to work as a Glovo courier. Take a short online training course for new Glovo couriers. Finally, upload the contract you signed with us - and that's it, you're ready to start delivering!

Work at Glovo - how much can I earn?


We have dedicated a separate article to this topic. Find out how much a Glovo courier earns in Poland in different voivodeships. We update the data on a regular basis. If you’re interested in working at Glovo, you have to read it!

Work at Glovo - how to get a thermal bag?


The bag, along with the rest of the Glovo courier equipment, will be sent to your address once registration is complete. The entire kit is worth 120 PLN and must be "paid back". This money will be deducted from your first paychecks for working at Glovo. If you wish to cancel, you can return the Glovo bag and receive 120 PLN back.

Glovo partner or sole proprietorship?


Getting lost in paperwork, stressful contact with the tax authorities, high costs of accounting services... These are the dark sides of being a sole trader. Enjoy peace of mind and focus on earning: choose Appjobs Work as your Glovo partner. We'll take care of all the paperwork and tax returns, and you simply work and earn!

Glovo partner - how do I get started with Glovo without a sole proprietorship?


With Appjobs Work, naturally! As a Glovo partner, we act as an employment intermediary between the courier and Glovo. With this solution, you don't need to set up a business to work legally, and you get all the formalities out of the way.

Appjobs Work is a legitimate, trusted Glovo partner with whom your work will become easier and more enjoyable. Simply download Appjobs Work and sign an agreement online, then let Glovo know we're your partner - that's all it takes! Rest assured, you won't get lost - our app will guide you through the process step by step.

Why is Appjobs Work the perfect Glovo partner?


Because for the lowest commission on the market - 14 PLN for billing of ALL your apps - we'll take care of all the important stuff. Remember, this price will never increase, even if you want to work on Glovo and 10 other apps.

With us, you will earn up to 25% more from working in Glovo. Plus, you'll gain numerous perks: free payouts and gift cards for active employees, fuel cards, on-demand pay, and much, much more.

We want to see the courier market become more dynamic and modern. We look boldly to the future and offer innovative solutions that you won't find with any other Glovo partner. Do you want to be part of our little revolution? Join us today!

Glovo courier - a job at your fingertips!

Apply for a job with Glovo and sign a contract in 15 minutes, without moving from your couch! Download Appjobs Work - we'll show you how to get started with Glovo step by step!
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