What kind of data about me Appjobs gets?

Updated on
March 14, 2023

In order for Appjobs Work to assist you well, it needs to have your work data. For example:

  • to show you average earnings, we need to know how many trips / orders you've done and how much you've earned for them,
  • to show Ranking of users in your area, we need to know your total earnings for chosen time period (same applies to other Ranking users),
  • to refresh your Quest progress, we need data about your trips and orders done on a given day.

To share that data with us, you have to connect your gig app account to Appjobs Work. Appjobs will then be able to refresh your data on a regular basis, and you - to make use of all features of our app.

It means that the data you share with us will depend on what is available in your profile in the gig app you're connecting. It usually means name and surname, information about your income, such as number of trips/orders, start and end dates of those orders, distance covered, your earnings, ratings and acceptance rates, etc. Appjobs does not get any data that is not directly connected with your trips and orders - we respect your privacy, hence we only download data that is necessary for the application to work.

See how connecting account work on our demo page HERE.

Read more about our Data Privacy HERE.

In case of doubts, write us an email on [email protected] - we'll be happy to answer all your questions.