Your data is safe with us.

At Appjobs Work, data privacy is the main part of your experience.

It's all about you

We do not sell your data to, or share it with, 3rd party companies! There are also no ads in Appjobs Work, so advertisers are unable to target you while you're using our app, or to target you later based on how you are using it.

Safety first

We're using top-notch encryption systems to keep your data safeguarded on our servers. Your data is in safe hands.

We respect your privacy

Appjobs gets nothing more than data available in your gig apps profiles, such as your name and surname, earnings, completed trips and orders, distance covered, and similar.

We do not get or store any data that is not directly related to your gigs.
Want to learn more?
Visit our Privacy Policy for more details.

What information about me Appjobs Work gets?


The data shared with Appjobs will depend on what is available in your gig work app profile.

Most of the time, it means name and surname, information about your income, such as number of trips/orders, start and end dates of those orders, distance covered, your earnings, ratings and acceptance rates, etc.

The above will differ based on the app you connect to Appjobs Work.

Appjobs does not get any data that is not directly related to your gigs.

How does Appjobs Work use my information?


Your work data allows us to display you different insights about your individual work, aggregated data and calculations. For example:

- to show your average earnings, we need to know how many trips / orders you've done and how much you've earned for them,
- to show Ranking of users in your area, we need to know your total earnings for chosen time period (same applies to other Ranking users),
- to refresh your Quest progress, we need data about your trips and orders done on a given day.

Do you store my login information? Can you access my accounts?


Your login credentials are secure, encrypted and sent directly to your work app. We do not receive your login credentials, so we can't store them. In other words, we are unable to access your gig work apps accounts.

When you disconnect a linked gig account, we also delete all data related to it.

Does Appjobs Work sell my information?


We don't get any of your personal data except name and surname, and we don't sell it further. Our app is designed to make your data easy to read, so that you can work smarter. We value your privacy and do not share your data with anyone, and also we do not allow other companies to target you with advertising - there are no ads at all in Appjobs Work.

How do I erase my data?


To delete your account and all associated data, open Appjobs Work app, go into the "Account" main menu tab, and click on "Delete account" on the bottom. The setup will guide you through the process.