My work app keeps logging me out / showing connection errors after connecting to Appjobs Work.

Updated on
February 28, 2023

Some gig apps are allowing only one active login at the same time. What does it mean for you? Let's consider this on the example of Bolt Driver.

In order to connect your Bolt account with Appjobs Work, you have to use your Bolt account credentials, which Bolt can (but doesn't have to) consider as a log in try. The same can happen when your data gets refreshed - in order to refresh data in Appjobs Work, we need a working connection with your Bolt account. It means that when you're connecting Bolt account to Appjobs Work, or during data sync, you can be logged out from your Bolt Driver app; it's also possible that Bolt will send you a notification that another device tries to log in on your account. It happens because Bolt does not allow using the same account credentials in 2 places at once.

❗For absolute clarity: Appjobs Work NEVER LOGS IN ON YOUR GIG ACCOUNT. Your login data are needed only to get (refresh) your gigs and earnings data. We do not have physical access to your gig account.

These are security systems used by Bolt and other gig apps, we have no influence on it. It is Appjobs Work that has to comply with gig apps systems, not the other way around. Hence, we can't eliminate this issue entirely. We can reduce it however, which is why we've prepared a data sync setup possibility for you. Read more about it HERE.