What is data sync and how does it work?

Updated on
February 28, 2023

ATTENTION: data sync (data refresh) is required to get daily payouts. Find more information HERE.


Data in Appjobs Work does not update in real time. It applies to everything: gig history, earnings, quests, and other features.

In order to refresh your data, we need to perform a data sync (synchronization) - speaking technically, we have to ask your work app to provide us your data on your behalf. In order to do this, we need you to connect your gig account to Appjobs Work.

You can set when are we allowed to ask for your data by using data sync settings. Take a look how to get there and read how it works below:

Sample data sync settings in English.

After opening "Account" main menu, you'll see a list of gig apps you've connected to Appjobs Work on the top. After clicking chosen app, you'll see its current data sync settings (same will show while setting new connection). You can change the setting by clicking the mechanical wheel icon - you have a choice of either manual or automatic data sync. What are differences?

  1. Manual sync: in order to sync data, you have to come to this place and press the "Synchronize" button every time, otherwise new data will not show up. Manual sync gives you full control: data visible in Appjobs Work won't get refreshed until you request it, hence you're not risking an unwanted logout from your gig app, for example in a middle of a trip / order.
  2. Automatic sync: you choose how often your data should sync (for example, every 24 hours at 3 AM). You don't have to sync data manually, but you're still in control - for example, if you're working mostly during days, you can set data sync for 3 AM; with this you won't risk an unwanted logout, for example in a middle of a trip / order.