I’ve changed my partner to Appjobs during the ongoing billing period, will I get daily payouts for every day of that period?

Updated on
December 11, 2023


Before we start paying you daily, your work app has to first confirm to us that Appjobs is now your partner. This applies to every app. When that happens, you'll start getting daily payouts from the next day.

-> For example, if you app confirms to us that you've been switched to Appjobs on 1st of March, you'll be eligible to get your first daily payout on 2nd of March (for your work done on March 1st).

❗Please mind that different work apps have different rules when it comes to switching partner:

  • Wolt switches partner every 1st day of the month. For example, if you've asked to switch partner at March 7th, Wolt will switch your partner to Appjobs at April 1st, and we'll start paying you daily the next day. You'll get money for March from your previous partner.
  • FREE NOW, Uber Driver & Uber Eats are switching partner instantly on demand. Let us know at [email protected] that you'd like to switch your partner to Appjobs. You'll get an invite to our fleet on your FREE NOW / Uber / Uber Eats account, please accept it. The next day FREE NOW / Uber / Uber Eats will confirm to us that you are now our partner, and the day after you'll get your first daily payout from us.
  • Glovo, Bolt Driver & Bolt Food are switching partners as soon as possible, even if current billing period is still ongoing (1 week for Bolt Food, 2 weeks for Glovo). We will start paying you daily as soon as they confirm it. If you don't see daily payouts in a few days after requesting partner switch, reach out to Glovo or Bolt Food and ask if the change has been already made. If they confirm, reach out to us at [email protected] and explain your situation, we'll help!
    (*) May not apply to Glovo - read more here

More apps coming soon!


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