Example of courier billing

Updated on
December 11, 2023

❗This article shows values for 22 zł Appjobs partner fee, which will become 14 zł from 1st of May 2023.

(*) May not apply to Glovo - read more here

The example given below applies only to persons working on the basis of a mandate contract.

The Appjobs Work commission for settlement is PLN 14 every week - only when the application settlement comes in and you are on it. If you have not made any deliveries and you are not on the settlement - you will not be charged a commission.

The amounts provided in the application are net, without VAT - the courier is not charged with it, but gross within the meaning of social security contributions.

What is it about? 

There are 3 main types of obligation to pay ZUS contributions:

  • A person employed elsewhere and receiving at least the minimum wage (3010 gross per month) - only the health contribution is necessary to be calculated
  • A person not working anywhere else or working for less than the minimum wage - full ZUS contributions
  • A person who is a pupil or student under the age of 26 - no need to pay social security contributions

In the case of PIT, persons under the age of 26 are exempt from the contract of mandate. Older people are additionally subject to advance payment of PIT tax.

The obligation to calculate contributions and tax rests entirely with the Principal (us). The courier each time receives remuneration on his bank account net.

Below we provide sample calculations for the amount of PLN 3,000 earned in the application after deducting PLN 22 of our commission:

Amount from the application after commission ZUS costs/advance tax To be paid net Work elsewhere and at least minimal? Under 26? (no personal income tax)
2978 zł 981,97 zł / 211 zł 1785,04 zł
2978 zł 981,97 zł / 0 zł 1996,04 zł
2978 zł 268,02 zł / 0 zł 2709,98 zł
2978 zł 268,02 zł / 286 zł 2423,98 zł
2978 zł 0 zł / 0 zł 2978,00 zł Student

As you can see, the contributions are very individual, so we encourage you to use free salary calculators, thanks to which you can calculate a sample net salary.

We hope this article has clarified the way of settlements, if you are looking for additional information, you will find even more in the ZUS documentation.