❗ Costs refund & up to 10% cashback: general rules

Updated on
November 23, 2023

This article explains how to increase your earnings by lowering tax base for income tax & ZUS (social insurances), and by taking advantage of up to almost 10% cashback for every cost invoice.

➡️ Every driver and courier who signed a Contract of Mandate (Polish: umowa zlecenie) with Appjobs Work can upload invoices for their essential work related expenses.

Why should I upload my work-related costs?

➡️ In short: to get a tax advantage and keep more money in your pocket.

Uploading costs helps you in 2 ways:

  1. You lower your base to calculate social insurances (ZUS) and income tax! This part is refunded to you with every settlement - it's added to your settlements under the name of "Costs refund".
    ❓ Example: last week you bough fuel for 123 zł. Your base for income tax & social insurances (ZUS) calculations will be reduced by the full amount of 123 zł.
    (Find out how your costs affect your tax base here.)
  2. You also get up to almost 10% cashback as an additional bonus! The cashback is added as extra income on the 1st settlement of every calendar month, under the name of "Cashback bonus".
    ❓ Example: you paid a total of 123 zł cost on all your invoices from May. You'll get up to 11,5 zł (up to 9.4%) cashback bonus as extra income on your 1st settlement in June
    (Find out how your costs affect your cashback bonus here.)

What costs can I upload?

➡️ In short: ones that are work-related and essential (you had to pay costs in order to generate income).

✅ List of costs we accept:

  • 🚗 Only drivers & couriers who use car for work: Car fuel, tire purchases, various car accessories (including mobile phone holders, vehicle fragrances, charging devices, FM modulators [FM transmitters], radios, emergency first aid kits, safety triangles, fire safety equipment, etc.), washing services for cars, maintenance services for cars, routine vehicle servicing, vehicular fluids, replacement parts for cars, parking fees, mandatory technical vehicle checks, vehicle diagnostic checks for taxi services.
  • 🚗 🛵 🛴 🚲 Everyone, regardless of the vehicle used for work: Mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices NECESSARY for your work, mobile internet packages top-ups, expenses for officially certified document copies (notary, etc.), costs for medical check-ups, safety equipment like pepper spray.

❌ List of costs we DON'T accept:

  • Mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices that are NOT related to your work, phone and TV subscriptions, household internet and any internet services not related to tools you use for work, expenses for traveling, food and grocery items, any form of clothing, non-work-related medical services, all types of beverages and products related to tobacco or alcohol, computer components or other computer-related equipment, tools and materials used for construction, gaming consoles, marketing expenses, domestic cleaning products, purchase of any vehicles, weapons and costs related to weapons, household electronic appliances (such as ovens, refrigerators, television, etc.), any form of insurance.

❗ Please mind that producing a false invoice is a felony, for which there may be penalty or even jail time from 6 months to 8 years. We are responsible to check the invoices to the best of our ability and report such action to the local law-enforcement authorities.

Any cost above 450 zł needs to be confirmed by us over email beforehand - before making a purchase, please contact us and ask if it can be refunded. We may ask for additional proof of purchase before approving such expenses.

Where can I upload my costs?

➡️ Open "Panel" main menu in Appjobs Work app and click on "Costs" tab:

  • You can add costs by clicking the red "Add cost" button,
  • You'll have to provide all cost details, such as invoice amount, category and seller information,
  • You'll have to also attach the cost invoice - a photo or scan of the purchase document.

Don't worry - you'll get step by step instructions! 😉

Each of the cost you add will have a status:

  • ⏳ Pending: waiting for acceptance by our team. As long as it's pending, you can click it to make edits,
  • ✅ Approved: accepted by our team already, now waiting to be refunded,
  • ❌ Rejected: not accepted by our team. Click the cost to check why,
  • 💸Settled: already refunded. Click the cost to open appropriate payslip.

❗ Are there any other rules for adding costs?

  • The cost data you add MUST match with the information on the invoice / receipt photo,
  • The invoice / receipt photo MUST contain a note that it was paid (we don't accept pro-forma invoices or invoices with "to be paid" info),
  • The deadline to upload costs is Monday 8 AM. Any cost uploaded after that date will be counted towards next week's settlement,
  • We refund costs based on the cost of purchase date on the invoice, NOT the upload date,
  • If your income (earnings) are lower than the total costs you uploaded, we will carry them over to the next week's settlement. This will continue until your earnings become higher than your costs, BUT only until the end of the current calendar month. ⤵️
  • We don't accept costs with the purchase date from before the current calendar month. This is because carrying past costs towards later calendar months is very complicated from the accounting point of view, and would increase our accounting costs significantly.


Got questions? Feel free to message us at [email protected] with any questions related to cashback and cost refunds.