❗ Costs refund & up to 10% cashback: details

Updated on
January 30, 2024

Appjobs can refund you a part of your costs if you ask the seller to put a receipt or invoice on our company NIP (tax ID number): ➡️ 9542842071 ⬅️

It helps you in 2 ways: lowers your base to calculate income tax and social insurances (ZUS) to pay (every week), and provides an extra cashback bonus of up to almost 10% on top of that.

1. How exactly does lower tax base for income tax & social insurances (ZUS) work?

Every cost you upload reduces your income from the accounting perspective (for example: 1000 zł of income - 100 zł of cost = 900 zł tax base). And because your income tax and ZUS are counted based on your tax base, they will both get lower with every cost. The total amount of costs you added is visible on your every settlement, under the name of “Costs refund”.

2. How exactly does cashback bonus work?

Every cost receipt or invoice contains a VAT tax. Once per month, we’ll sum half of the total VAT you paid on all your invoices from the previous month and add this amount on your 1st settlement every calendar month, under the name of “Cashback bonus” (for example: you paid a total of 100 zł VAT in May -> we’ll add 50 zł cashback bonus on your 1st settlement in June).

Here's an example showing how both factors may affect your earnings. Let's assume that:

  • There are 2 couriers who earned exactly 1000 zł of income on all their apps in May,
  • The breakdown shows their 1st settlement in June,
  • Courier 1 uploaded no costs; Courier 2 provided a single cost invoice for fuel, with a total value of 123 zł (100 zł net + 23 zł VAT tax),
  • Both couriers are non-students, over 26 years of age, and don't have any other employer - meaning they are fully taxed:
Courier 1 Courier 2
Total gross income (earnings from gig apps) 1000 zł 1000 zł
Appjobs fee -14 zł -14 zł
Cashback bonus 0 zł +11,50 zł
Income after Appjobs fee 986 zł 997,50 zł
Refunded costs (for tax & ZUS calculations) 0 zł - 123 zł
Base to calculate income tax & ZUS 986 zł 874,50 zł
Income tax (12%) - 70 zł - 62 zł
ZUS - 157,51 zł - 139.7 zł
Employment costs - 167,61 zł - 148.65 zł
Refunded costs 0 zł + 123 zł
TRANSFER TO YOUR ACCOUNT 590,88 zł 647,15 zł
💰💰💰 To simplify the above: Courier 2 paid 123 zł total for fuel and got 56,27 zł out of it back into the pocket thanks to lower tax base and VAT refund. It's 46% discount - meaning you paid almost 2x less for fuel!

❗ Please mind that how much refund you actually get will depend on your age, student status, VAT rate of your purchase and if Appjobs is your only employer. Read more here.


Got questions? Feel free to message us at [email protected] with any questions related to cashback and cost refunds.