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The 5 key differences: working in Glovo, Wolt or Stuart vs. a full-time job

Are you considering earning through apps? See how Wolt, Glovo, Uber, Bolt, Stuart and others apps differ from a traditional full-time job.

It is certain now: Uber, Glovo, Bolt and other apps are revolutionising the labour market as we know it. In recent years, making money 'on commission' has become very popular, with new apps for drivers and couriers popping up like mushrooms. If you are just considering starting a job with Stuart, Glovo, Wolt or another popular app, read this article. We explain the key differences between working through apps and traditional forms of employment.

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Apps vs. traditional employment: 5 key differences

- What advantages and disadvantages are associated with the flexibility of working through apps,

- What are the formalities in terms of employment and insurance,

- Why it is a good solution for students and people without experience.

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1. Stuart, Glovo, Wolt vs. traditional employment - apps mean flexibility

The fundamental difference between working through an app and permanent employment is, of course, flexibility. While working through an app, you decide when and how much you work. You can treat your occupation as your main source of income or, on the contrary, as a chance to top up your salary.

Courier and taxi apps - be aware of the risks!

The freedom that underpins gig working comes with certain risks. After all, when working as a Wolt or Glovo courier, you can't always be sure that you'll get profitable orders in the time you're interested in, as everything depends on the number of orders and the number of drivers and couriers currently working. Some applications use sign-up systems, e.g. Glovo, where you can book slots in advance on selected dates - but there are often more applicants than spots, so the slots fill up quickly.

Taxi and courier apps are a good solution for those organised

Remember that working through an app requires you to be well organised. So if you have no problem planning your day and are a responsible person, this form of earning will not be a problem for you.

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2. Xpress Delivery, Wolt or Bolt Food apps ensure independence

When working through apps, you are your own boss. You make the most important earning decisions yourself. You are not tied exclusively to one company - you can choose to work with several apps, earning money from different sources and increasing your financial security. This is the solution that a lot of people are opting for. In this way, when one app is short of work, the opportunity to earn money can arise in another.

Uber, Bolt, Free Now and other apps - take care of the formalities before you start!

Working for Stuart, Wolt or Bolt Food requires you to take care of the formal earning issues yourself. You can’t just install an app and work - a formal basis of employment is required. In Poland, there are 2 options: sole proprietorship or cooperation with a so-called fleet partner. 

Being a sole trader means a lot of paperwork and that the responsibility for tax returns is completely on your side, unless you work with an accountant. 

A fleet partner, on the other hand, is a company that works with work apps on an employment agency basis. By working with a fleet, you don't have to worry about paperwork, as for a small commission, it is the fleet that takes care of the paperwork and accounts for your earnings.

You can read much more about working through a fleet or sole proprietorship in dedicated posts on our blog:

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Uber Eats, Xpress Delivery, Stuart.... it's not that hard to get your head around it!

When you are a sole trader, you need to monitor your earnings yourself. Be aware as apps show them differently (e.g. some apps report net earnings and some report gross earnings, etc.), which may be confusing for beginners.

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3. Bolt Food, Wolt, Stuart and other apps require you to have financial discipline

The matter of the differences in the availability of various types of social benefits resulting from the form of employment cannot be overlooked. While in the case of an employment contract you can count on a set of employment rights (e.g. paid holidays, sick leave, social security contribution package), on a contract of mandate you are entitled to basic health insurance and voluntary sickness contributions, while social contributions depend on the amount on the contract. If you work through an application as a sole trader, you can benefit from reduced social security contributions for the first 2.5 years of your business.

For a detailed explanation of contracts, insurance and the differences between working on a mandate contract basis and through sole proprietorship, see ➡️ our blog article on taxes in working through apps.

Let's emphasise it once again: regardless of the formal basis for working through apps, you will always be covered by health insurance.

Keep in mind that the lower availability of benefits is a natural consequence of the flexibility and independence we mentioned earlier. When working through apps, employment contracts are not used, as such contracts must specify the working hours and the place of work, which is not possible when working through apps.

For those willing to save for the future and who are well organised, the lack of rights of a 'standard' employee should not be a particularly big obstacle. Quite simply, freelance work can be more beneficial due to lower taxation.

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4. There is hardly any entry threshold in Uber, Glovo or Bolt Food

Working as a Bolt Food, Stuart or Wolt courier is not a rat race. Here, almost everyone has a chance. Applying for a job via an app does not involve preparing a perfect CV or doing stressful interviews. The chances of being hired quickly in a medium-sized or large city are considerable, as is the fact that assignments in the app will appear regularly. In smaller towns and cities, recruitments are less frequent due to fewer orders.

Working in Stuart, Glovo, Wolt or similar apps is also an attractive option for foreigners. Language and nationality are not obstacles here - a good fleet partner will help you with all your doubts.

5. Stuart, Glovo, Wolt and other apps are an ideal way for students to earn a living

Are you a student looking for an opportunity to earn at a time that is convenient for you? Still lacking a degree and experience to get the job of your dreams? Employment through an app is something just right for you.

Unlike conventional forms of work, in this case you decide when and where you perform your duties. You can work after classes, on weekends or even in between lectures. You also do not have to meet any exorbitant requirements: all you need to work for Bolt Food, Glovo or Stuart is an internet-enabled phone and a means of transport (not just a car, but also a bicycle, moped or electric scooter).

Remember that the entry threshold for courier apps is lower than for taxi apps.

To carry people you need a four- or five-door car, and there is a maximum vehicle age stated in each app. As a Wolt, Stuart or Bolt Food courier you can deliver with anything, even without a car. You'll also need psychological testing and a taximeter to drive people; while you can usually hire or buy a taximeter from a fleet partner, you'd need to do the testing yourself.

Remember that, as a student, you are entitled to an attractive relief: zero PIT tax until you turn 26, which significantly affects your earnings.

Bolt Food, Free Now, Xpress Delivery and other apps vs. full-time employment: summary

The key differences in earning through apps versus conventional forms of employment lie primarily in the flexibility and independence of the worker. This is what makes working as a Stuart, Glovo or Wolt courier increasingly popular.

We hope that our article will help you decide whether working through apps is something for you. Once you've made up your mind, remember about Appjobs Work - our app will make it much easier for you to earn as a Glovo, Wolt or Stuart courier.

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