Uber - work as a driver

Drive for Uber - the world's most famous ride-hailing app. Forget rigid working hours, welcome full flexibility!
Working at Uber doesn't require a sole proprietorship - as your Uber partner, we'll take care of dealing with the tax authorities and settling your taxes, and you just earn with a peace of mind! :)

Appjobs Work is :
➡️ Partner recommended by Uber as trusted,
➡️ Only 14 PLN fee per billing of ALL the apps you use
Daily payMENTS - the only Uber partner where you don't have to wait a week for your money!

Working as an Uber driver is at your fingertips - it only takes three steps and 15 minutes to get started:

1. Download Appjobs Work and select a country in which you want to start working as an Uber driver

Download our app, register and select your country. Next, click the ‘Work with us’ button

2. Select the Uber partner app from the list and fill in the form 

Enter your details, upload the required documents and sign the contract in 15 minutes

3. Download the Uber partner app and upload the signed Appjobs contract

That’s it! Wait for approval from Uber partner and get started! 🚀
Start working as an Uber driver. 
Download Appjobs Work for free:
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Uber - work. How much can I earn?

Uber creates attractive conditions for additional income for people who like to drive and have a bit of spare time. There are also plenty of people who choose to dedicate the majority of their schedule to Uber, as part of their 'full-time' employment. Do you want to drive at weekends, a few times a week or maybe every day? Decide for yourself and earn as an Uber driver.

We wondered how much Uber drivers earn in Poland, so we created an interactive earnings report divided into voivodeships. We update it regularly - we recommend you take a look!
  • The commission charged by the app is 25% net (30.75% gross) on each ride.
  • The billing period is 7 days, from Monday to Sunday.
Jak zostać uberowcem? Appjobs Work.

Uber driver. Requirements and conditions

You can organise working for Uber almost entirely remotely, without leaving home. Each driver must meet the following conditions:
How old do you need to be to work for Uber?
Uber drivers must be of legal age - you will be asked to show ID at the registration stage.
Uber work requires a category B driving licence with at least one year's experience
Before you can start working for Uber, a minimum of one year must have passed since you obtained the driving licence.
Every Uber driver must have a vehicle (can be rented or leased)
Check whether your car meets Uber's requirements. On this page you will find detailed guidelines for cars that can be registered in each category.
Uber driver cannot be penalised
To become an Uber driver, you will need a certificate of no criminal record. Remember that it cannot be older than 3 months.

Working at Uber requires a smartphone with internet access

Required to accept orders for rides on the Uber app.

Working for Uber requires a taxi licence

A taxi licence is also required to work legally for Uber. The cost of obtaining it is between 200 and 300 PLN, depending on the validity period. How to avoid such a high amount? Choose to work with an Uber partner. Appjobs Work as your Uber partner will reduce this cost to just 22 PLN - we will provide you with an extract from our main licence and you can assign it to your vehicle. With us you will save a minimum of 180 PLN!

Uber driver must undergo medical and psychological examinations

Tests can be carried out at medical centres and psychological labs by asking for 'taxi driver tests'. The cost of such examinations is around 250 PLN.

Uber partner or sole proprietorship?

Working in Uber requires a legal employment base, it is not enough to just install the app. Appjobs Work, as your Uber partner, will enable you to work legally in Uber without a sole proprietorship!
👉 However, if you already are a sole trader, we can also help you with the following:
- we will bill all the apps you use on 1 invoice,
- the cost is only 14 PLN for billing of ALL apps,
- if you don't have a taxi licence or a cash register yet, with us you will get access to both. Instead of making your own licence, we will provide you with an extract from ours, and we will also provide you with access to a virtual Uber cash register.

Become an Uber driver.

Download Appjobs Work, sign the contract in 15 minutes and start earning!
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Uber - work. How to become an Uber driver without sole proprietorship?

Being a sole trader forces you to do your own bookkeeping, deal with the authorities on a regular basis and spend long hours on important accounting. As an Uber partner, we want to save you that! How do you become an Uber driver without a sole proprietorship? It's simple: start working with Appjobs Work. We'll take care of all the bookkeeping and accounting for your Uber taxes.
Our conditions are clear: we only charge 14 PLN per billing of ALL the apps you use. You should know that this is the lowest commission on the market - no other fleet partner offers an equally attractive rate! Remember that this price will not change, even if you decide to work with several apps at the same time, as Uber drivers often do. To summarise: do you work in 1, 2 or maybe 5 apps? It doesn't matter to us: we still only charge 14 PLN for billing.
We are a technology company and we focus on innovative solutions. Our aim is to change the mobility work market for the better. With us you will benefit not only from peace of mind about the quality of your billings, but also from access to numerous perks - gift cards for active users, fuel cards, and daily pay.

Become an Uber driver - start working in just 2-3 days!

Let's get down to specifics, i.e. the Uber driver application form. We explain step by step how to get started with Uber.

1. Download the Appjobs Work app and register

Download the Appjobs Work app (Android/iOS), create a driver account and select Poland as the country in which you want to work at Uber .

2. Click the "Work with us" button and select the Uber partner app from the list

Enter your details and upload the required documents. Taxi apps require more paperwork than courier apps, but the whole process will still take you no longer than 20 minutes. The app will guide you step by step.

In order to register with Uber, you will need a scan of your ID or passport, a driver's licence, a technical inspection with a TAXI stamp, a certificate of no criminal record, the results of medical and psychological examinations, and a taxi licence.

3. Every Uber driver must have a taxi licence - if you don't have one, contact us!

If you already have a licence, you can attach a scan of it. However, if you don't have one, remember that Appjobs Work can offer you an excerpt from your own at a promotional price of 14 PLN - this saves you time and a minimum of 180 PLN in fees for getting a new licence!

4. Sign a contract and register as an Uber driver

Create an Uber driver account. Go to the page designed for new drivers and start the account registration process. It usually doesn't take more than a few days for a new driver to be approved by Uber.

5. Let us know that you have registered as an Uber driver

Is your account up and running? If so, open the Appjobs Work app again and go back to the Uber configuration. There, you'll find a button directing you to a short form - enter some details and we'll activate you as our Uber driver. You don't have to do anything, we'll take care of everything!

From that point on, Uber knows that Appjobs is your Uber partner - wait for the activation (usually up to a few days), and when it's done, you're good to go! 🚀

How to become an Uber driver?

As soon as possible! Download Appjobs Work, sign a contract in 15 minutes and start working in just 2-3 days
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Uber - work. Your first trips

Contract signed, documents sent, virtual cash register ready - what's next?

Uber taxi licence for free

Well, almost - the cost of a licence is 200 or 300 PLN, but with us you will get an extract for only 22 PLN, which is a 90% discount!

You save not only money, but also a lot of time, which you can use for making money!

Earn more with Appjobs Work!

There are special challenges for Uber drivers in our app - they let you collect coins, which you later exchange in the Appjobs shop for gift cards from well-known brands.

Highly recommended - it's extra money for doing the same job!

Benefit from daily pay!

Appjobs is the only Uber partner that offers daily payouts!

Only with us you don't have to wait as long as 1 week for your payday - you can receive your earned money from us every day.

Interested? Apply at [email protected]!

Uber - work. Frequently Asked Questions

Work at Uber - is it a good option for me?


Yes, if you value freedom and flexibility and want to earn at times that are convenient for you. It is the most popular taxi app with plenty of requests. On top of that, working for Uber and other taxi apps is usually better paid than working on courier apps.

Work at Uber - how do I become a driver?


How do you become an Uber driver? Simply download the Appjobs Work app, register, click on the "Work with us" button, select Uber and fill in the application form. The app will guide you through the process step by step. Next, wait for your documents to be approved, and once you receive the confirmation, you're good to go!

A detailed step-by-step description of how to become an Uber driver can be found above.

Work at Uber - how much can I earn?


We've been wondering about this too, so we've put together an article with interactive maps of Uber driver earnings by voivodeship. We update the article on a regular basis. If you're interested in working for Uber, you need to read this!

Uber partner or sole proprietorship?


Working with an Uber partner is more convenient, simpler and cheaper than sole proprietorship. Appjobs Work, for the lowest commission on the market, will take care of organising full bookkeeping and accounting of your income so that you can focus on earning in peace. Forget about tax calculations and visits to the tax authorities!

Our price is fixed at only 14 PLN per billing - even if you work on 3, 5, or 10 apps. This is, by the way, a common practice when working for Uber - drivers often make money on several taxi apps at once.

Why is Appjobs Work the perfect Uber partner?


Above all, we want to make the mobility job market friendlier and more convenient for all the parties involved. We are a company focused on cutting-edge solutions, which is why, in addition to being an Uber partner, we will offer you a host of additional benefits. Examples? 

With us, you will earn up to 25% more from working in Uber. Plus, you'll gain numerous perks: free payouts and gift cards for active employees, fuel cards, on-demand pay, and much, much more.

Join Appjobs Work and get the best out of working for Uber: more money and comfort.

Uber driver - a job at your fingertips!

Apply for a job with Uber and sign a contract in 15 minutes, without moving from your couch! Download Appjobs Work - we'll show you how to get started with Uber, step by step
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