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NEW FEATURE: User Ranking 🔝

April 7, 2021

Hi there!

Today we introduce Ranking, a fast way to compare your earnings in other drivers and couriers in your area. Ranking shows total earnings and finished gigs from all connected gig apps - both yours and of other users. The mor eyou earn, the higher your rank. Ranking was designed to give you an additional motivation through competing with others.

In order to join Ranking, and to see results of others, you have to create a profile and make it publicly visible. The app will guide you through the process. As soon as done, you'll see ranking of your own and others alike. Public profile means that you'll be sharing your nickname, chosen city, connected gig apps, earnings and number of gigs done with others. You won't share any other data.

We may occasionally use Ranking to sponsor competitions or challenges, so there may be additional bonuses and prizes for the top performers.

We remind you that the next planned features are: average earnings per hour and per gig, mileage tracking and fuel consumption tracker, gig apps comparison, earnings goals planner, work expense tracker and new gift cards (including fuel vouchers). Follow us to not miss any of them!

Best regards!

Appjobs Work team