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NEW FEATURE: My rides - Track your mileage & fuel consumption 🚗

June 15, 2022

Hello there!

Another week, yet another great Appjobs feature, this time "My rides", which allows you to track mileage and fuel consumption of your work trips. The feature is available in app version 3.24, so hop into App Store or Google Play and update now to unlock it!

"My rides" menu is available in the top part of Earnings screen. You can click the switcher to start/stop tracking, or click the ">" symbol on the right to see your trips list:

Tracking starts automatically after you click the switcher. Clicking on it again finishes your trip. You can save it or discard it - whenever you save, it goes onto the history list, like this:

Here you can see your overall history, with filters for chart stats. You can filter by various data, like total or average costs, distance and time spent. The button in top-right corner will allow you to export your data to a PDF file.

It's possible to add a trip manually as well, and to see even more detailed stats for particular days - to check it, just click on the ">" symbol near a finished trip.

This menu will automatically show you the gigs you've done in trip's date range. It'll also count your ACTUAL net earnings after the fuel cost: per hour and per kilometre. You can then compare distances and earnings from particular apps as well. Considering distance and fuel consumption, do I earn more while driving for Uber or Bolt? If you're asking this to yourself, this is the place to check!

"My riders" are designed to provide you with as much detailed information on your work costs as possible. Check it out to make better work decisions - and to ultimately earn more.

Best regards!

Appjobs Work team