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NEW FEATURE: gross/net earnings calculator 💸

March 8, 2021

Hi there!

Starting today, you can make use of net earnings calculator in Appjobs Work. It was designed so that you can predict your net earnings in advance.

Our calculator will automatically sum up gross earnings from all your connected gig apps, and depending on your filters (age, student status, other income sources, etc.), it will count your pending social security costs and income tax. Thanks to this, you can count your net earnings in advance for this month, as well as compare your gross earnings and net payouts from previous months.

This calculator aims to give you a deeper look into your work costs, as well as make expense planning easier. It'll also prove useful for young adults and students soon finishing 25th year of age and/or their education.

Net earnings calculator is the first of many new features planned for near months. Along the queue, there are also: users ranking, average earnings per hour and per gig, mileage tracking and fuel consumption tracker, gig apps comparison, earnings goals planner, work expense tracker and new gift cards (including fuel vouchers). We'll keep you posted on all of 'em.

Best regards!

Appjobs Work team