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NEW FEATURE: Expense tracker 💸

May 19, 2022

Hello there!

Another week, another feature: From today on, you can add a history of your work expenses to Appjobs Work. Make sure to update to newest version to get the feature.

All your added costs will be visible on a brand new chart visible in the "Earnings" main menu. Click on "see details" button to take a deeper look.

The main view will show you expenses history on a chart and as a detailed list below it. You can filter the results shown by date and expense category (such as fuel, rentals, repairs, and others) - you'll find filters on the top. If there are no expenses for chosen filters, nothing will be shown.

In order to add an expense, click either on the red + circle in the top right of your screen, or on the blue "Add expense" text under the chart. Then pick the expense type, add it's cost and date, and click "save".

If you'd like to edit or delete your added expense, choose the one from the list, adjust it and click again on "save", or simply click on the red "Delete expense" text and confirm it.

Sneak peek: In the future, we plan to deduct your work expenses from your earnings in the new version of earnings calculator, so that you can easily understand how much you are ACTUALLY earnings from your work (gross earnings - costs & taxes = net earnings).

Best regards!

Appjobs Work team