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NEW FEATURE: Average earnings per hour & per gig 📊

May 9, 2021


There must've been many situations when you were thinking which app can earn you the most. Starting today, you can easily check it - Appjobs work now automatically counts average earnings per hour and per gig from each of your connected apps.

All it takes is to open a refreshed Earnings main menu, where there are extra data on the very top. And what's best, it counts fully automatically for each of your connected gig apps. No more Excel formulas, no more manual counting on a calculator - use Appjobs Work, work smarter and save your time.

We remind you that the next planned features are: mileage tracking and fuel consumption tracker, gig apps comparison, earnings goals planner, work expense tracker and new gift cards (including fuel vouchers). Follow us to not miss any of them!

Best regards!

Appjobs Work team