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Changes in quests (Poland)

February 8, 2021


Appjobs Work has been available in Poland since December, meaning 2 months already. In this short time, you’ve collected over 220 thousand coins with quests and we are very proud to have contributed to your daily lives and earnings.

Our ambition is to reach many more gig workers and to help you all earn more from your gigs, but not only through quests. We are working on our partnerships with the platforms you work with - we will start promoting quests for more of them, and we’ll also find more ways for you to redeem your Coins as rewards. We are also developing new app features and improving its current functionalities. And we want you to participate in those processes because those features will only make sense if they provide value to you on a daily basis. 

We also want to be upfront with a few changes:

  • Quest rewards are dynamic so they might be higher some days and lower on the others. Just like the apps you work with are offering you surge prices, we will keep them changing depending on how platforms want to incentivize the work.
  • We decided to discontinue weekly quests and focus on daily quests. We realize that this decision will open up the app to more workers and that is exactly our aim. 

As always, feel free to share your opinions via email on [email protected]. Thank you for being with us!


Appjobs Work team