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Appjobs and Wolt Poland started cooperation to improve working conditions for food delivery couriers

May 10, 2022

Today marks an important milestone for gig-workers in Europe.

It's the first week of a new partnership between food delivery company Wolt Poland and AppJobs, the gig worker platform, to further improve working conditions for food delivery couriers.

The cooperation also entails a data sharing agreement which further recognizes the courier partners’ right to their own work and earnings data. 

“This cooperation shows that Wolt’s commitment to the increased welfare of their courier partners is backed up by concrete action in the various benefits provided through the Appjobs.work app. Furthermore it strengthens the recognition of the couriers partners' status as independent contractors who own the right to their own data.” says Bertan Baytekin, CPO and co-founder of Appjobs

“We have long been committed to the improved welfare and satisfaction of our courier partners and are delighted to have found a partner in Appjobs whose mission is to help advance the conditions of food delivery couriers, and gig-workers, around Europe.” says Kamil Czarnecki, Operations Manager of Wolt Poland

About Wolt

Wolt is a Finnish technology company known for its delivery platform for food and merchandise. On Wolt’s apps or website, customers can order food and other items from the platform’s restaurant and merchant partners, and either pick up their order or have it delivered by the platform’s courier partners.

About Appjobs

Appjobs is a European technology company developing infrastructure for the growing Gig-economy. Through the Appjobs products - Appjobs.com, Appjobs.work and Unveel.io -  gig-workers can match to gig-platforms, improve their working conditions and access financial and other work related services.