Work for Szama Express as a courier

Deliver food and ecommerce packages to clients using car, bike, scooter or e-scooter & earn up to 45 zł gross per hour.
Work in Szama Express is currently available in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław and Leszno.
Appjobs Work is:
➡️ A partner recommended by Szama Express as trusted,
➡️ Only 14 PLN fee per billing of ALL the apps you use,
➡️ Daily payments - soon available for Szama Express couriers as well!

Working as Szama Express courier is at your fingertips - it only takes three steps and 15 minutes to get started:

1. Download Appjobs Work and select a country in which you want to work as Szama Express courier

Download our app, register and select your country. Next, click the ‘Work with us’ button

2. Select the Szama Express partner app from the list and fill in the form

Enter your details, upload the required documents and sign the contract in 15 minutes

3. Sign up to Szama Express and choose Appjobs Work as your partner

That’s it! Wait for approval from Szama Express and get started! 🚀
Work as Szama Express courier.
Download Appjobs Work for free:
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What is Szama Express?

Szama Express is a Polish company dealing with fast city deliveries for restaurants and e-commerce, currently operating in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Bydgoszcz and Leszno. Szama Express ambition is to start operating in other cities all around Poland.

Szama Express is all about simplicity and transparency:
- Couriers can log in and work whenever they want without reserving slots first (Szama Express fulfils orders between 11:30 to 22:00),
- You choose the orders that suit you like, up to 3 at once - Szama Express courier is not forced to pick any orders, and is not punished for rejecting them either,
- All orders are available to everyone, regardless of the transport method - it's completely up to you which orders to choose,
- ❗ Order details are not hidden. Szama Express couriers see the payment, distance and time left to fulfil the order upfront. Nice change compared to other big apps!

All that makes Szama Express a great app for everyone who looks for extra opportunities, such as:
➡️ Taxi drivers (between their rides),
➡️ Couriers already working with other apps (outside of high demand hours),
➡️ Drivers working directly with restaurants (between their own orders).
👉 The minimum payment per order for Szama Express couriers is 10 zł. Best couriers can earn up to 45 zł per hour!
Wolt kurier praca

Work as Szama Express courier – key requirements

As said above, Szama Express couriers can work whenever they like and however they like. You don't need any license, cash register, and you can use any thermal bag you have (one from Glovo, Wolt, Uber Eats nad others - does not matter!) The requirements are hence minimal:

To work as Szama Express courier, you need Android smartphone with internet access

Szama Express is currently not available on iOS.

How old do you need to be to work as Szama Express courier?

Unlike other apps, you can work in Szama Express from the age of 16!

Szama Express courier can choose any kind of transport

Szama accepts cars, bikes, e-bikes, scooters & e-scooters. All orders will be available regardless of which method you choose.

You don't need to know Polish to work in Szama Express

Szama Express couriers are not required to know Polish, but it's certainly a plus to at least understand the basics.
👉 As your Szama Express partner, we'll take care of all the paperwork so that you can focus on actual earnings. We can employ you, or cooperate with you on a B2B basis.

Please note that our partner fee is just 14 zł per week, regardless of how many app you have to settle - since Szama Express is a great choice for people already working with other apps, you can become our partner and pay just 1 fee for everything!

Work  in Szama Express as courier.

Download Appjobs Work, sign the contract in 15 minutes and start earning!
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Work as Szama Express courier - you can start in 2-3 days!

To become Szama Express courier, you have to register as a new courier and choose Appjobs as your partner. Let's explain how to complete the application process step by step below.

1. Download Appjobs Work and register

Create a courier account and select Poland as the country in which you want to work in Szama Express.

2. Click on ‘Work with us’ and select the Szama Express courier app from the list

Enter your details and upload required documents. The whole process won’t take you more than 15 minutes!

3. Sign contract and save it!

You will need it later. Once you have signed the agreement, we will check your documents and you can focus on the next steps - don't worry, we will give you further instructions!

4. Download Szama Express Courier app and register

Download "Szama Express Dostawca" app. You can get it from here for Android.

5. Sign up as new courier on Szama Express website

6. In the “Form of income settlement for deliveries” field, choose “I am billed through a fleet partner: AppJobs”

This will ensure that Appjobs Work is your Szama Express partner. When done, you'll get an intro email with further instructions from Szama Express.

That's it - you're good to go! 🚀

How to become Szama Express courier?

As soon as possible! Download Appjobs Work, sign a contract in 15 minutes and start working in just 2-3 days!
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Work in Szama Express. A few tips to get you started

It's done! You are now officially registered and ready to start working as Szama Express courier. You can log in and deliver anytime now, but consider these 3 tips first:

Szama Express couriers can use any thermal bag

It's perfectly fine to use one from Glovo, Wolt, Uber Eats or any other similar company - and it does not have to be new.

Hundreds of people are selling used thermal bags all around the internet. We suggest getting one that way if you don't have any yet as it's much cheaper.

❗ Szama Express shows order payment and other data upfront

Most apps are not showing the payment or distance before accepting the order. Szama Express is fully transparent in this matter.

This makes managing your time much easier - another reason why it's a great choice for people already working elsewhere.

Log in even if you see orders on other apps

Working on other apps? It may happen that orders on Szama Express are currently more beneficial. You will know it for sure because Szama Express couriers get all order data upfront, including payments.

Logging in will take you about 30 seconds, so why not doing it once in a while?

Work in Szama Express. Frequently Asked Questions

Work in Szama Express - how do I become a courier?


To become a courier, download the Appjobs Work app, register and select Poland as your country. Next, click on the "Work with us" button. The apply form will open - choose Szama Express app, fill in your details, upload the required documents and sign the contract.

When done, download "Szama Express Dostawca" app from here. Next, sign up as a new courier on Szama Express website here. During sign up process, make sure to choose Appjobs Work as your partner. That's it - you're now ready to work! Expect intro instructions from Szama Express on your email.

Work in Szama Express - how much can I earn?


The minimum earnings per orders is 10 zł gross. The best performing couriers can earn up to 45 zł gross.

Keep in mind that Szama Express couriers get all order details upfront, including earnings and distance. Hence it's much easier to figure out how much you will earn than in other apps that hide such data partially. It also makes it much easier to achieve your goals - if you wish to earn big, you can pick up longer orders; if you just want to kill 30 minutes, shorter one is the way to go.

Work in Szama Express - how do I get a thermal bag?


It's up to you. Szama Express accepts any thermal bag, with any branding - Glovo, Wolt, Pyszne.pl or others, does not matter at all.

If you don't have any bag yet, we suggest buying one from other couriers - there are hundreds of such offers all around the internet. It will save you quite a lot of cash.

Szama Express partner - how do I start work in Szama Express without a sole proprietorship?


To work in Szama Express as courier, you need to have a legal basis of employment, but you do not need to establish a sole proprietorship. That's where Szama Express partner, such as Appjobs Work, comes in!

We will employ you and when Szama Express sends us your earnings, we will deduct taxes and social contributions, so that you don't have to worry about formalities and can focus on making money.

Why is Appjobs Work the perfect Szama Express partner?


As explained, work in Szama Express is great for people already working on other apps.

As you already know, Appjobs Work offers the lowest partner fee on the market: just 14 PLN per week for billing ALL your apps, including Szama Express (only if you have at least 1 app to settle - no work, no pay!). Why would you pay extra for settling Szama Express if you can have it included in the package already?

On top of that, if you are an active courier, we will offer you up to 2 free settlements per month!

Szama Express courier - a job at your fingertips!

Apply for Szama Express courier position and sign a contract in 15 minutes, without moving from your couch! Download Appjobs Work - we'll show you how to get started with Szama Express, step by step!
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