Stuart - work as a courier

Flexible working hours, a schedule suited to your needs, attractive wages - all this you can get by working as a Stuart courier. You can already encounter couriers wearing blue jackets in many Polish cities!
Appjobs Work is a legal Stuart partner. We'll take care of accounting for the lowest commission in the market, so you can forget about paperwork and focus on work. :)

Appjobs Work is:
➡️ Partner recommended by Stuart as trusted,
➡️ Only 14 PLN fee per billing of ALL the apps you use,
➡️ Daily pay - the only Stuart partner where you don't have to wait for a week for your money!

Working as a Stuart courier is at your fingertips - it only takes three steps and 15 minutes to get started:

1. Download Appjobs Work and select a country in which you want to start working as a Stuart courier

Download our app, register and select your country. Next, click the ‘Work with us’ button

2. Select the Stuart courier app from the list and fill in the form 

Enter your details, upload the required documents and sign the contract in 15 minutes

3. Download the Stuart courier app and upload the signed Appjobs contract

That’s it! Wait for approval from Stuart courier and get started! 🚀
Start working as a Stuart courier. 
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Stuart courier - a job for those who value flexibility

Stuart is a French food ordering and shopping app created in 2015. The service is also already available in more than one large Polish city, including Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow, Szczecin and Toruń.

Working at Stuart is ideal for people who want non-standard working hours that match their own availability. Are you a student who wants to earn money between classes or after university? Do you have a few hours spare every weekend? Or do you want to become a full-time courier? In any of those cases, a Stuart delivery job is a good solution.

Stuart's job as a courier is to make deliveries from shops and restaurants to customers in their city. Orders can be accepted daily from 8am-00:30pm.
Stuart praca kurier. Zacznij pracować z Appjobs Work

Stuart - work. How much can I earn?

We've asked ourselves the same question, which is why we've created a map of Stuart courier salaries by voivodeship. You can find it here. The report is updated on a regular basis - we recommend checking it regularly!

We would like to add that Stuart offers really attractive working conditions for its couriers:
  • In large cities, a courier will earn as much as 30 PLN per hour, and will also receive bonuses during peak demand hours,
  • You will also receive extra money for bundling deliveries together (so-called multi drops).

Stuart - work. How to get started, what are the requirements?

Are you interested in working as a Stuart courier? Before you sign up, make sure you meet the requirements. They do not differ from those of other delivery apps.

Working for Stuart requires a smartphone with internet access

A Stuart courier takes orders in a dedicated app. If you want to set your schedule "in advance", you also have to download the Staffomatic app. However, it’s not obligatory - as a Stuart courier you can also work off-slot, i.e. whenever you want.

Stuart partner or sole proprietorship?

In order to work legally with Stuart, you must have a basis of employment - either a sole proprietorship or a contract with a Stuart partner. We recommend the second solution: Appjobs Work, as your Stuart partner, will enable you to work at Wolt without sole proprietorship!

A Stuart courier can choose their preferred means of transport

A Stuart courier can travel not only by car, but also by bicycle, scooter, electric scooter, or motorbike.

How old do you need to be to work for Stuart?

Minimum age of a Stuart courier is 18.
👉 Appjobs Work, as a certified Stuart partner, will take care of all accounting matters. This way, instead of wasting your time on doing taxes, you'll be able to get on with earning and exploring the city in peace.

Work as a Stuart courier.

Download Appjobs Work, sign the contract in 15 minutes and start earning!
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Become a Stuart courier - start working in just 2-3 days!

The registration process at Stuart is easy and quick. If everything goes well, you'll be up and running within 24 hours! Below we explain how to set up a courier account at Stuart.

1. Download Appjobs Work and register

Create a courier account and select Poland as the country in which you want to work at Stuart.

2. Click on ‘Work with us’ and select the Stuart courier app from the list

Enter your details and upload required documents. The whole process won’t take you more than 15 minutes!

3. Sign and save the contract! 

You will need it later. Once you have signed the agreement, we will check your documents and you can focus on the next steps - don't worry, we will give you further instructions!

4. Register as a Stuart courier, complete training and wait for activation

Register as a Stuart courier using this link. When registering, upload the partner agreement you signed with Appjobs Work. Next, wait for activation - this can take up to 7 working days.

That's it - once activated, you're good to go! 🚀

How to become a Stuart courier?

As soon as possible! Download Appjobs Work, sign a contract in 15 minutes and start working in just 2-3 days
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Stuart - work. A few tips to get you started

You've done it - Stuart has accepted your application and you already have a contract with Appjobs Work, your billing partner. So you're ready to hit the town and start earning. Before you begin, make sure you have everything you need!

Stuart work bag

You order your bag through Stuart courier portal, right after registering on the app.

There is also another option - buying a bag online. It doesn't necessarily have to be a bag with the company logo, Stuart accepts any bag as long as it has a minimum capacity of 60l and is lined with a thermal insulation layer.

Remember, as your Stuart partner, we are happy to help you get a bag - write to us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Earn more with Appjobs Work!

There are special challenges for Stuart couriers in our app - they let you collect coins, which you later exchange in the Appjobs shop for gift cards from well-known brands.

Highly recommended - it's extra money for the same work, and we're talking a couple of hundred a month!

Benefit from daily pay!

Appjobs is the only Stuart partner that offers daily payouts!

Only with us you don't have to wait as long as 1 week for your payday - you can receive your earned money from us every day.

Interested? Apply at [email protected]!

Stuart - work. Frequently Asked Questions

Work at Stuart - how much can I earn?


We have dedicated a separate article to this topic. Find out how much a Stuart courier earns in Poland in different voivodeships. We update the data on a regular basis. If you are interested in working for Stuart, you have to read this!

Stuart partner, or how to get started in Stuart without a sole proprietorship?


A legal basis of employment is a must, but you don't have to set up a business in order to work - that would mean paperwork, tax settlements and other nonsense that you might as well avoid by choosing Appjobs Work as your Stuart partner!

Appjobs Work will hire you on a legitimate contract and settle your income and taxes, and you can focus on working with Stuart instead of paperwork. We also have other perks, which we cover in the question below.

Why is Appjobs Work the perfect Stuart partner?


Are you starting to work at Stuart? What you need to know is that Appjobs Work will offer you the lowest commission on the market - just 14 PLN for billing of ALL your apps, including Stuart. Working with us is a way to cut costs and maximise your earnings.

With us, you will earn up to 25% more from working in Stuart. Plus, you'll gain numerous perks: free payouts and gift cards for active employees, fuel cards, on-demand pay, and much, much more.

We are a recommended Stuart partner and our aim is to change the independent driver market for the better. Join us and become part of this revolution!

What equipment is required for a Stuart courier?


Every Stuart courier must have their own means of transport, a phone with network access, and a thermal bag. Having trouble finding one? Rest assured: as your Stuart partner, we'll be happy to help you.

And what about the terminal? If you want to book slots for orders via Staffomatic, having a terminal in Stuart is mandatory. Of course, you can also use it for off-slot work (but it's not required).

Stuart courier - a job at your fingertips

Apply for a job with Stuart and sign a contract in 15 minutes, without moving from your couch! Download Appjobs Work - we'll show you how to get started with Stuart, step by step
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