Work for Żabka Jush as a courier

Deliver orders from Żabka stores on a flexible basis. Work whenever you want and get paid weekly!
While working as Żabka Jush courier, you will get guaranteed hourly wage + bonuses for every completed order.
Appjobs Work is:
➡️ A partner recommended by Żabka Jush as trusted,
➡️ Only 14 PLN fee per billing of ALL the apps you use,
➡️ Daily payouts - soon available for Żabka Jush couriers as well!

Working as Żabka Jush courier is at your fingertips - it only takes three steps and 15 minutes to get started:

1. Download Appjobs Work and select a country in which you want to work as Żabka Jush courier

Download our app, register and select your country. Next, click the ‘Work with us’ button

2. Select  Żabka Jush from the list and fill in the form 

Enter your details, upload the required documents and sign the contract in 15 minutes

3. Sign up on Żabka Jush website and choose Appjobs Work as your partner. You will get an invitation for courier training - set the date and complete it.

That’s it! After your training is finished, you're ready to hit the road! 🚀
Work as Żabka Jush courier.
Download Appjobs Work for free:
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What is Żabka Jush?

Jush is a platform owned by Żabka, the little green store available all around Poland. They say that it's always close, but now it's closer than ever thanks to Jush app.

Żabka Jush offers delivery of groceries in less than 15 minutes, and hence it's looking for couriers. It offers guaranteed hourly earnings, as well as a bonus for every completed delivery. Find detailed info about Żabka Jush earnings here.

There are more things that differ work in Żabka Jush from other delivery apps:
➡️ No need for a thermal bag - Żabka Jush has it's own bags, so you can save yourself over 100 zł,
➡️ There's a set schedule for which you sign up in advance,
➡️ You deliver groceries and other goods, not ready food, so you don't need to worry about the smell,
➡️ Żabka Jush couriers are riding either bikes or scooters - no cars allowed. Orders are up to a maximum to 4,5 km long (usually ~3km) , so it's simply faster to deliver by bike or scooter.
❗ Deliveries are done from a single pickup point ("Dark Store") where the goods are packed for you. Each store has a common room with armchairs, kitchen equipment and toilets, where you can take a rest, prepare yourself a coffee or food and socialize with other Żabka Jush couriers. You will also get a jacket in case of colder weather.
👉 Żabka Jush couriers are taken care of by a senior Rider on every shift - it's a senior person that manages the current shift and assists in case of problems.

Senior Rider is physically available in the Dark Store and focused on your current shift, so it's much easier to reach in case of support need than in other apps.
Wolt kurier praca

Work as Żabka Jush courier – key requirements

Requirements for Żabka Jush courier position are minimal - in fact, it's the lowest out of all apps we cooperate with!

To work as Żabka Jush courier, you need a smartphone with internet access

Delivery app is available on both Android and iOS.

What is the minimum age to work as Żabka Jush courier?

You have to be at least 18 years old to start work in Żabka Jush.

Żabka Jush courier needs either a bike or scooter

No cars allowed - the order routes are short (up to 4,5 km, usually ~3 km) and speed is crucial.

Żabka Jush also has e-bikes in their dark stores if needed.

You don't need to know Polish to work in Żabka Jush

Communicative English will suffice, but speaking Polish is for sure a plus.

Foreigners will also need a work permit for Poland.
👉 You will sign employment contract with us, and as your partner, we will get your earnings from Żabka Jush. We'll take care of all your taxes and social contributions, and pay you out net earnings. You can also work with us on a B2B basis - in such case we'll automatically prepare invoices for you and count how much tax and ZUS you're about to pay. It's basically a cheap bookkeeping cooperation.

Unlike other partners, we charge a single partner fee of 14 zł per week, not X zł per every app - and only if you have at least 1 app to settle that week (if you don't work, we charge nothing).

Work  in Żabka Jush as courier.

Download Appjobs Work, sign the contract in 15 minutes and start earning!
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Work as Żabka Jush courier - you can start in 2-3 days!

It's very easy to apply for Żabka Jush courier position - you can do it fully online and start even the same week. How does it work?

1. Download Appjobs Work and register

Create a courier account and select Poland as the country in which you want to work as Żabka Jush courier.

2. Click on ‘Work with us’ and select Żabka Jush courier app from the list

Enter your details and upload required documents. The whole process won’t take you more than 15 minutes!

3. Sign the work contract with Appjobs

Once you have signed the agreement, we will check your documents and you can focus on the next steps - don't worry, we will give you further instructions!

4. Sign up in Żabka Jush as courier

You can do it by filling out the form on Żabka Jush website here.

Sometimes it happens that recruitment at Żabka Jush is temporarily on hold in your city. In this situation, it is best to write to Żabka Jush and ask when it will reopen.

5. Select Appjobs as your Żabka Jush partner

As soon as recruitment opens, you will get a welcome email from Żabka Jush. It's time to choose your partner - make sure to choose Appjobs Work!

6.  Complete the online training for Żabka Jush couriers

You will now get an email with information about how to sign up for Żabka Jush courier training. Choose the date that suits you and complete it. When done, you will be ready to hit the road!

That's it - you're now ready to work with Żabka Jush! 🚀

How to become Żabka Jush courier?

As soon as possible! Download Appjobs Work, sign a contract in 15 minutes and start working in just 2-3 days!
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Work in Żabka Jush. A few tips to get you started

So it begins: you've completed your training and are now ready to start delivering goods in 15 minutes. Before you start, check out these few tips for beginners:

Forget about thermal bag

Żabka Jush couriers get bags directly from Jush, meaning you don't have to buy yourself one.

It allows you to save over 100 zł compared to other apps!

Feel free to ask support for help

Each of your shifts is taken care of by a Senior Rider, who is physically available in the Dark Store.

It means that your caretaker is always available if you need help - not a general support like in case of most other apps. Don't be affraid to ask for help!

Take a break and socialize with others

Żabka Jush is the only app that offers couriers a warm stay in their Dark Stores.

You will find there a place to sit and relax, a kitchen and a toilet. You'll also meet other Żabka Jush couriers - use this opportunity to make new friends!

Work in Żabka Jush. Frequently Asked Questions

Work in Żabka Jush - how do I become a courier?


To start woring with Żabka Jush as courier, download the Appjobs Work app, register and select Poland as your country. Next, click on the "Work with us" button. The apply form will open - choose żabka Jush app, fill it out with your details, upload the required documents and sign the contract.

When done, go on Żabka Jush website and sign up. You will get an intro email from Żabka Jush - click the link inside and make sure to choose Appjobs Work as your partner! A little later you will get another email, this time with it'll be about courier training. Choose the time that suits you and complete it. When done, you will be ready to work!

Work in Żabka Jush - how much can I earn?


Żabka Jush workers get guaranteed hourly earnings + bonus for each completed delivery. The rates differ between cities and work hours - find all details here.

Work in Żabka Jush - how do I get a thermal bag?


You will get one directly from Żabka Jush in their Dark Stores. No need to organize it yourself means you'll save yourself over 100 zł!

Żabka Jush partner - how do I start work in Żabka Jush without a sole proprietorship?


To become Żabka Jush courier, you have to pick a partner. Żabka Jush does not employ people directly, instead employment is done by trusted partners, such as Appjobs Work. Żabka Jush will be sending your money to us, then we will settle your taxes and social contributions and pay out the rest to you.

We allow B2B contracts for users with own companies - in such case we'll be automatically generating invoices based on your earnings. You won't have to worry about anything for as cheap as 14 zł per week - and that's only if you work (no work, no fee)!

Why is Appjobs Work the perfect Żabka Jush partner?


We offer the cheapest partner fee on the market: just 14 zł per week to settle ALL your apps (and that's only if you work - no work, no apps to settle, no pay). That's cheaper than other partners offer for just 1 app!

Our model is convenient for Żabka Jush courier, as working there requires reserving time slots. It may happen that slots will be unavailable. In such case, you can always jump onto another work app, and still pay the very same fee!

Żabka Jush courier - a job at your fingertips!

Apply for Żabka Jush courier position and sign a contract in 15 minutes, without moving from your couch! Download Appjobs Work - we'll show you how to get started with Żabka Jush, step by step!
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