Which gigs are counted towards quest goals exactly?

Updated on
February 28, 2023

All gigs that you finish successfully after joining the quest, within quest time period. It doesn't matter if the order or trip was paid electronically or by cash, if it was shared or not etc. - what matters is that you join the quest and successfully finish your gig before quest time runs out.

Few examples:

  • if you don't join quest - no gigs will be counted towards goal,
  • if someone orders a ride but then cancels it before pickup - it won't be counted towards goal,
  • if you pick up the order while the quest is on but deliver it after the quest has already ran out of time - it won't be counted towards goal. For example, if a quest ends on given day at midnight, you pick up an order at at 11.50 PM and deliver it at 00.10 AM next day, that gig won't count towards quest goal as the quest was already finished when you delivered your order.