What are terms & conditions for redeeming coins for gift cards?

Updated on
February 1, 2023
  • We do not allow refunds! When you order your gift card by clicking “Buy” button below and coins get deducted from your wallet, it’s final and can’t be reversed.
  • Each coin is worth 0.1 PLN (1 PLN = 10 coins, 10 PLN = 100 coins, and so on).
  • You can redeem a maximum of 10 000 coins (1000 PLN) for gift cards per calendar month.
  • You can only redeem coins for preset values of gift cards. If the maximum gift card value available in Appjobs Work shop is 100 PLN and you wish to spend 3000 coins on those cards, you’ll have to redeem 3x 1000 coins.
  • The gift cards you redeem have their value set permanently. It’s not possible to “join” cards later - for example, if you choose 3 cards worth 100 PLN each, you’ll get 3 codes for 3 cards; it won’t be possible to later join these 3 codes into 1 card worth 300 PLN.
  • Please mind that some brands might not accept using more than 1 gift card code for a single transaction - this is dependant on their own policy.
  • If you encounter any Appjobs Work app error after issuing your order, you can always go to the “Account” main menu tab and click on “Your gift card orders” menu to see your redeem history. Then click on the relevant transaction to see your code again.
  • If you encounter any error with the gift card itself (such as unable to generate gift card code, not receiving code, code not working, etc.), please write us an email on hello@appjobs.com and provide as many details as possible. We’ll take it from there.