My rides feature

Updated on
February 28, 2023

My rides allows you to track your work trips. You can track total duration and distance of your rides, fuel usage and cost. Appjobs Work will also automatically count your actual net earnings AFTER the cost of fuel.

Before you can start tracking your rides, we will ask you for permission to access your location. Without this, we won’t be able to track your rides. The permissions can be denied anytime later on.

You can turn on ride tracking anytime. To do so, click on the “Start tracking” switcher on top of Earnings main menu. A few menu pieces will appear. Duration and distance will be tracked automatically. However, in order to track your fuel consumption & costs, you’ll have to input the fuel price and an avg. fuel consumption per 100 km of your car.

After you turn on the switcher, your trip will start counting. You can finish it anytime. After stopping tracking, you can discard the trip if you wish; you can also edit it immediately or later.

You can access your rides history and stats by clicking on the “>” symbol on the right of start/stop tracking switcher.

Inside, you can filter data by week, month or year & by the type of chart:

  • Duration
  • Total cost of fuel
  • Distance covered
  • Fuel cost per hour
  • Fuel cost per kilometer

You can also add a trip manually if you forgot to track it live. It is also possible to export your data as PDF file by clicking on a button in the top right corner of My rides screen.

Also, after clicking on “>” symbol on a finished ride, you’ll see even more details, such as net earnings after fuel cost, orders done on during that ride, earning rates, and a lot more goodies.