How to order a Glovo thermal bag

Updated on
September 14, 2023

❗ You can use any thermal bag while working with Glovo, including other work app brands.

Glovo can organize a bag for you if you want, but it's not the only option. Here's what you can do:

  1. When applying to Glovo, you'll be asked if you need thermal bag or already have one. If you order one, Glovo will organize the shipment. You don't have to pay for the bag upfront, but Glovo will add -120 zł to your balance, which you will pay off when you start working (in other words, the first 120 zł you make on Glovo will cover the cost of your bag - Glovo will deduct up to 60 zł from your weekly earnings).
    ℹ️ Glovo does not accept bag refunds - after you pay it off, it's yours.
  2. Order new, high quality bag with a special -71zł discount for Appjobs couriers from our partner Wear Your Brand ➡️ HERE (185 zł + ~20 zł shipping),
  3. Order used bag from ➡️ HERE (starting from about 50 zł). OLX is a big online marketplace with customer safety program, where you can get used equipment for a very good price.

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