How to get a Polish bank account as a foreigner?

Updated on
March 1, 2023

In order to get payouts from Appjobs work, you need a Polish bank account (IBAN). In this article, we quickly explain how to get one.

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Polish IBAN for a foreigner: the most important information

Polish citizens may open a bank account easily via the internet. Unfortunately, for foreigners, the rules are more strict. If you are a foreigner, in most banks you’ll have to show up in person at a bank branch to open an account.

Before you visit one, check its requirements for opening a bank account. Make sure to get all the necessary documents with you as well. Also, remember that those requirements may be different based on the bank.

When can the bank refuse to open an account for a foreigner?

  • Lack of PESEL (personal ID) number. In many cases, it’s obligatory to have one to open a bank account.
  • Lack of registered address in Poland. Some banks are refusing to open an account for non-residents due to tax reasons. We advise you to set up a legal residence address in Poland before visiting a bank. However, some banks do accept certificates of tax residency appropriate for foreign countries.

Also, keep in mind that in some banks the employees may not know a foreign language, so to be extra safe, it’s worth asking someone who knows Polish to come with you and help communicate just in case.

What do you need to open a Polish bank account?

As we mentioned, individual banks in Poland may require different documents from new clients. In most cases, to set up an account in Poland, you will need:

  • PESEL (personal ID) number. You can submit an application for obtaining it at your selected commune office or via the internet,
  • An ID document (preferably your passport),
  • A document confirming your legal stay in Poland (permanent or temporary residence card, university certificate, visa),
  • In some cases: a certificate of residence in Poland, or an employment contract.

How to choose the best Polish bank account?

When looking for the most optimal account, make sure to familiarize yourself with the offer details. Pay attention, especially to the following:

  • Documents required to open an account,
  • Account running and maintenance fees,
  • E-banking language availability,
  • Polish account in the IBAN format (International Bank Account Number) – this is a must-have to start working with Appjobs Work!
  • Additional services (deposits, savings accounts, etc.)


When your Polish IBAN is ready, please enter the number in Appjobs Work to sign a contract and receive payouts. Good luck!