How to become Uber Eats courier

Updated on
September 28, 2023

How to become Uber Eats courier

To start working with Uber Eats, you have to sign a partnership contract with Appjobs Work and then inform Uber Eats that we are now your partner. Appjobs Work app will guide you step by step through the whole process.

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Sign a partnership contract with Appjobs Work

  1. Download Appjobs Work app (for Android / for iOS),
  2. Sign up and choose that you'd like to work with us,
  3. Choose Uber Eats from the apps list and pick "I wan to start working with this app",
  4. Fill out the rest of the form and sign the contract.
☝️ How to sign contract in Appjobs Work?


Sign up as an Uber Eats courier and let us know - we will invite you to Appjobs fleet

  1. Open the "Home" main menu of Appjobs Work and click "See details" above "My apps" section,
  2. Choose Uber Eats from the list,
  3. Click the button to sign up as Uber Eats courier (you can also click here to do it),
  4. Provide all required data, photos and documents,
  5. (🎒) Uber Eats will ask you to provide a photo of your thermal bag. Any bag will do, so if you have another one, just add a photo of it. If you don't have any bag yet, check out this article to see how to get one.
  6. (❗) When your registration is finished, make sure to open Appjobs Work again and click the "Fill the form" button - please provide the data you've used to sign up in Uber Eats. We need it to invite you to Appjobs fleet.
  7. Check your Uber Eats inbox from time to time. We'll send you an invite to Appjobs fleet in 1 work day - please accept it when it comes in.

✅ That's it! After accepting the invite, you're officially under Appjobs Work fleet!

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