Fuel card

Updated on
February 28, 2023

Fuel cards are available for the most active users who work on a contract of mandate or a vehicle rental agreement.

Upon request from the driver/delivery person, we can issue a fuel card for Orlen stations:

✅ 15 groszy discount per liter from the station price

✅ Cashless payment using the card

✅ Activation of the mFLOTA service (payment at the dispenser)

✅ Lower transfer as a rental agreement - lower tax on rental

➡️ to receive a card, contact us via email ([email protected])

➡️ there are no fees for the fuel card when used regularly

➡️ the waiting time for the card is approximately 12 days

➡️ when the card is activated, you will receive a notification email from us

Download the mFlota



In the app, you will need to provide the card number (received from us), your phone number, and a 4-digit PIN code of your choice for approving payments. Payments are made by scanning the QR code at the dispenser.

Additionally, you can link your Vitay card to the mFlota app to collect points for fueling up.