Brand new offer for Glovo couriers who signed contract before 13.12.2023

Updated on
December 13, 2023

❗ Starting from 13.12.2023, Glovo couriers over 26 years of age who work with us based on a contract of mandate signed before 13.12.2023, will be offered to terminate their current contract with Appjobs and sign 2 new contracts: one with Appjobs, and another with Erneo.

➡️ If you got a link to this article, it means you’re one of the Glovo couriers we want to offer this. We will reach out to every Glovo courier eventually - please be patient and wait for our message!

What is Erneo, and what is this offer about?

Erneo is a fleet partner that offers higher vehicle rental prices than Appjobs. Higher price for renting your vehicle means lower taxes, which makes more money staying in your pocket (see table below). We understand that it’s a very important thing for most of you, so we’ve decided to enable such an opportunity.

What’s the financial difference?

Erneo charges slightly higher fees than Appjobs, but your net earnings will increase anyway because they offer a higher rental price for your vehicle, which will reduce your taxes significantly.

Here’s an example of a weekly settlement of 2000 zł income on Glovo app for a bike courier, who rents the bike to Appjobs or Erneo:

Appjobs Work Erneo
Income (your earnings on Glovo) 2000 zł 2000 zł
Partner fee (weekly) - 14 zł - 39 zł
Income tax & ZUS (social insurances) -712,21 zł - 96,96 zł
Vehicle rental contract tax (paid by the worker himself) -17,28 zł - 148,75 zł
Your net earnings 1256,51 zł 1715,29 zł
Difference: 💥🚀 +458,78 zł

✅ I’m interested in the new contract - what should I do?

  1. ❗ Reply “YES” to the offer email we've sent you to let us know you’re interested,
  2. Our team will terminate your current contract and confirm it by email with instructions,
  3. Open Appjobs Work app, and sign a contract for Glovo (and other apps you want) - just follow the in-app instructions as usual, and that’s it!

❌ I don’t want any new contract - what should I do?

  1. Do nothing - don’t terminate your current contract and work as any other day. Everything will stay as it is, no need to do anything!

Do I have to set up Glovo and other work apps again? Or anything else?

No! We made it as easy as possible for you:

  • You don’t have to switch partner in any of your work apps, 
  • There’s no need to prepare any extra documents,
  • Everything is handled within Appjobs Work app.

The whole process will take you no longer than 10 minutes!

What if I need support now or later?

You should still contact Appjobs in case you need any help with your work apps, such as blocked account, changing work city, and similar. We are still your Glovo partner.

You should contact Erneo with questions regarding your Glovo settlements and payments. Erneo will be your official employer for Glovo settlements - they will pay your income tax and social insurances (ZUS) to the tax office from your Glovo earnings, as well as provide you information about the rental tax amounts to be paid by yourself for your Glovo settlements.

What about daily payouts?

For now, Glovo daily payouts are not available after you sign a contract with Erneo. We are working on making them available soon.

Got questions? Email us at [email protected], we’re happy to explain!