Annual settlements with the tax office

Updated on
February 28, 2023

Annual tax settlements. Here you will find precise, universal tips.

Contract of Mandate

By the end of February, in accordance with the law, you will receive PIT-11 from us (for the previous year). The documents will be sent in electronic form (to the e-mail address). This document together with other PIT-11 (from other employers if you have one) should be attached to the PIT-36/PIT-37 declaration.

Rental agreement

  • If you applied for the lump sum: by April 30, you should submit PIT-28, it should contain information on the amount of income earned in the calendar year. Important! If you send PIT-28, you do not include rental income in PIT-36/37.
  • If you have not applied for the lump sum: you should submit the sum of your income in PIT-36 in item D.69. Important! You must file a pit-36 instead of a pit-37 because, in addition to your regular job, you had rental income.
  • If you haven't signed a rental, just skip this step.

How to do the settlement?

  • By logging in to on your own (PIT-11 only)
  • Independently using e.g. the website and instructions posted here. We recommend this step, you can easily settle any type of PIT, including rental, free of charge.
  • By using the services of an accountant or other offices that helps in submitting such declarations.