On-line meeting

Appjobs Work x Glovo webinar

Meet more members of the Appjobs team and Ada from Glovo, and find out what's new for 2023. Check out the video recording of the webinar!

On 17 January 2023, the second online meeting of the Appjobs x ... series took place. This time the guest speaker was Ada from Glovo. You had the chance to meet more of our team and learn about the new year's news at Appjobs (including the big surprise - daily payments!) and Glovo, as well as ask questions. You can find the video recording here:

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To start with, you again had the opportunity to meet some of our team members:

  • Paulina: designer and marketer- Paulina takes care of the visual layer of Appjobs, from the feature idea, through user interviews and testing, to the final design. In addition, she works on the website appearance, graphics, and anything that needs to be visualised. She dives into details in the video,
  • Grzegorz: always friendly and willing to help, Greg is a man who never says no. Among other things, he does customer support, helping you with onboarding, technical problems with the app, quests, and really anything related to Appjobs Work. A traveller who writes a blog in his spare time - www.scrolltheglobe.com,
  • Kuba: a marketer who deals with user communication inside and outside of Appjobs. If you've ever received a notification from us on your phone or found Appjobs Work somewhere on the internet, you already know what he does. Kuba spoke about the new features we've introduced for 2023, especially the daily payments.

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Our guest was Ada from Glovo - she talked a bit about herself as well as presented some interesting facts (did you know that the second most popular ordered item is cream sauce?). She also discussed the projects that Glovo wants to bet heavily on in 2023.

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The final highlight of the webinar was a Q&A session, including:

  • Can we expect quests for apps other than those already available on Appjobs Work?
  • Why am I getting 20kg orders from Biedronka on Glovo while cycling?
  • Is there a 22 PLN commission for each daily payment at Appjobs?

And much more - feel free to take a look at the whole thing! :)

Thank you for your interest, more webinars with guests from other apps are coming soon!

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