On-line meeting

Appjobs Work x Wolt webinar (PL with EN subtitles)

Meet our team and Stasio from Wolt, see what Appjobs Work is and ask us questions. See the video recording of the webinar

At the end of November 2022, we held the first online meeting of the Appjobs x ... series. - To start with, we invited Stasio from Wolt. You had the chance to meet our team and get to know Appjobs Work from the inside, as well as to ask questions. You can find the entire webinar in Polish, with English subtitles, here:

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To begin with, you had the opportunity to meet some of our team, including:

  • Magda: a one-man band and a volcano of positive energy, thanks to whom the online meeting series was created. It is thanks to Magda that you will be able to enjoy quests sponsored by Appjobs, as well as offers such as Medicover Sport or a fuel cards,
  • Oskar: operations manager, responsible for putting new drivers and couriers to work. Oskar keeps an eye on all the paperwork that stands in the way of your payments, so that you do not have to worry about the tax authorities,
  • Kasia: product manager who makes Appjobs Work what it is. It was Kasia who talked to you and conducted surveys on how to improve our app, and it is thanks to her that today you can enjoy salary rankings, ride tracking or a gross/net calculator in our app.

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Only 22 PLN 14 PLN from May 1st commission for the settlement of ALL apps, additional quests with prizes, free settlements for active users, fuel card -15gr per liter, and many more!
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The special guest was Staś from Wolt, who was a courier for several years, so he knows your questions and problems very well. Staś mentioned what makes Wolt different from other apps on the market, gave examples of courier salaries and explained why winter is the ideal time to work as a courier. He also shared some tips on working in winter.

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The final point of the webinar was a Q&A session which brought up many questions, including:

  • How does Appjobs' 22 PLN for all apps commission model work?
  • Will there be quests for other apps than Wolt?
  • Why work through apps instead of having a full-time job?

And much more - feel free to take a look at the whole thing! :)

Thank you for your interest, more webinars with guests from other apps will be coming soon - we will host Glovo on the next episode!

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