Get extra 440 zł monthly for your Uber Driver work!

Earn more for exactly the same work - without changing your partner!
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Uber Driver quests now available in Appjobs Work!

How does it work?

Simple! All you have to do is complete 100 rides in 7 days, including weekends - easy enough, isn’t it?

Once you reach the goal, we’ll add 110 zł worth of bonus coins to your Appjobs account. Coins are redeemed for gift cards of well-known brands: Allegro, Biedronka, Zalando and many others!

What’s in it for you?

Quite some, as you can get 110 zł extra every week, meaning up to 440 zł per month! It’s like getting paid extra 1,10 zł for each of your rides.
every week

Who can participate?

Every Uber Driver - no joke! There’s no space limit, and you don’t need Appjobs as your partner to join. Our Uber quests are open for everyone!

See what other drivers say:

Jacek Adamek
Once per week I get free grocery shopping in Biedronka, so huge plus for the app
Volodymyr Oros
It really does work. You can use it and get discounts . I already got mine for Allegro and MediaMarket. Recommend
Łukasz Filipowicz
I can get myself additional bonus for grocery shopping 👍👍👍 I recommend to everyone 😉😉
Jacek Adamek
Raz w tygodniu robię zakupy za free w biedrze, więc aplikacja mega na plus
Volodymyr Oros
To naprawde działa. Można korzystać i otrzymywać zniżki . Już odebrałem zniżki na Allegro i MediaMarket. Polecam.
Łukasz Filipowicz
Pracując można sobie dodatkowo bonusy zgarnąć na zakupy 👍👍👍 Polecam wszystkim 😉😉

Sounds great! How do I join?

1. Get Appjobs Work app on your phone

It’s free and takes minimum memory space.
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2. Connect your Uber Driver account

It’s fully secure and takes 30 seconds. Thanks to connection, we’ll see how many rides you’ve completed so far.

3. Drive like every other day

We will track and show your progress, and notify you when you reach 100 rides. No need to do anything - just work like you always do!

Earn more for the same work.
Get Appjobs Work for free:

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Still not sure?

If you’d find 100 zł laying down on the street, would you pick it up? Of course you would - then why would you pass on this opportunity? 😉 Let’s sum this up:

Up to 440 zł extra

Per month for the very same work

No need to change partner

Our quests are available for every Uber Driver, and there's no space limit

Takes 5 minutes to set up

Your rides will count automatically & you don’t even have to keep Appjobs Work app open - feel free to just set and forget!

Make more money for your time.
Get Appjobs Work now:

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