How can I start working with Appjobs Work?

Updated on
February 28, 2023

In order to work with apps in Poland, you need a legal form of employment, i.e. signing a contract with a billing partner. Each work app will ask you about this during registration. Appjobs Work provides this form by employing you on a contract of mandate, but we can also help you keep a record of your work and calculate the taxes due if you are self-employed. To sign a contract with Appjobs Work:

  1. Download our app
Pobierz Appjibs Work z Google Play
Pobierz Appjobs Work w AppStore
  1. Go to "Work with us" section
  2. Choose the applications you want to work on and sign the contract
  3. Follow the instructions you receive from us to register in the apps
  4. Once you connect your application to us, we will give you your payout